Afina is a minor character in Shimmer and Shine.

Sneak-Peek new Genie


The Glitter Genie who lives in a glittery palace on a cloud in Rainbow Zahramay who the girls meet in "All "That "Glitters". She has a Glitter Gem Ring that can make glittery objects, glitter magic, and glitter-based magic weather such as a Glitternado and make things Glow-in-the Dark.


Afina wears a pink dress with multi-colored trim on it and a light shade of purple colored hair.


Afina appears in the following episodes:

  • "All That Glitters"
  • "Zahra-Glow,Zahra Glitter"
  • "Glitter Glitch"


  • If Afina's Glitter Ring is lost or stolen she must get the ring back or her palace disappears completely.
  • She has a Pet Zoomicorn named Gleam
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