Ayla is a genie who runs a hair salon at the Azar Bazaar in Rainbow Zahramay who appears in "Hairdos and Don'ts".She has a magic comb that she wears in her hair that allows her to change the hair of anyone

Ayla by unicornsmile-dbnrg9c

including herself. Leah, Shimmer, and Shine meet her while exploring the market place in Rainbow Zahramay. She gives Leah and her genies gems that change the wearer's hair color just by thinking of the color they want. Ayla offers to show them around the market place, however they are followed by Zeta and Nazboo who decided to spy on Leah and her Genies after coming to Rainbow Zahramay to buy potions. Zeta decides to steal Ayla's comb in order to use it to easily disguise herself. While showing them around Ayla hears a song she likes and convinces Leah and her genies to dance, changing her hair into a bob style she calls her dancing hair. Zeta tries take the opportunity to steal the comb, but trips while dancing and fails. Eventually Nazboo manages to steal the comb without Ayla noticing, allow Zeta to disguise herself as other genies to take things without anyone being the wiser. Ayla eventually discovers her comb is missing and reveals she needs to find it as she needs it for her hair salon as without it she won't be able to change her customer's hair.

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