Season 1

Sky Whale 

Mr. Sammich assigns his seventh grade class an assignment that is to use science to create an experiment that will benefit humanity. It would be due the following Monday and they would be working in pairs. Babe Carano is eating a fruit bar and Mr. Sammich tells her to put away the fruit bar. She puts it on a table behind her and a squirrel steals it and climbs up a tree. Babe freaks out and starts to climb up the tree to get her fruit bar back. The class leaves and an intelligent girl named Kenzie Bell is the only one left in class. Babe falls off the tree and ends up having to be project partners with Kenzie. Babe and Kenzie create something called the Rollerplate. It came with a fork and whenever the fork got near the plate, the plate would move away. The theory was that if you had to chase your food to eat it, you'd burn calories. They test their invention out on Kenzie's grandfather. It works at first, but then, the Rollerplate explodes and Kenzie's grandfather has to go to an ambulance. Babe and Kenzie are on the subway. Kenzie begins to play a game that she had created: it was a game where you tap a narwhal to make it randomly change colors. Babe doesn't think this is a game, but Kenzie says it makes her happy. Babe decides that they change it into a real game and have that be their new Science project. Three guys then begin to play a new song by a rapper called Double G called "Drop Dat What". Meanwhile, Double G is touring and his son, Triple G is a seventh grader that wants to be with people his own age, but he feels like Double G doesn't understand him. Babe and Kenzie turn the game into Sky Whale, a game where a narwhal gets energy from donuts and that gives the narwhal the ability to fly and the goal was to keep the narwhal in the air. Babe and Kenzie sell the game online for 99 cents. Mr. Sammich doesn't get how the game benefits humanity. Babe and Kenzie explain that making money benefits them. Mr. Sammich ends up giving them an F on their project.


Babe is a tough-as-nails thirteen-year-old that does her own thing and doesn’t mind stepping on some toes to do so. She’s creative, confident, quick-witted, and fearless when it comes to making decisions and filling everyone else in later. She may seem intimidating, but Babe is a really great friend, just don’t steal her fruit bar!


Kenzie Bell

  • She and Kenzie started being real friends (later best friends) in the episode, Sky Whale.

Hudson Gimble

  • She and Hudson are good friends, even if Babe sometimes gets angry and Hudson. Babe has a crush on him as revealed in Sky Whale and Hudson has a possible crush on her.

Triple G

  • She and Triple G are close friends.


  • She knows how to get what she wants.
  • She isn't prepared to take no for an answer.
  • Babe has a straight attitude.
  • She has a crush on Hudson, Mason and Scott.
    • She is the first main character who has a crush throughout the series. 
  • She can rap.
  • She is allergic to peanuts.
  • She can play the saxophone.
  • It appears that Babe does not like the word "feet".
  • Babe has PTPD. (Post-traumatic Peach Disorder).
  • She didn't like peaches until she ate Kenzie's Grandmother's Peach Pie.
  • She has a canon like the t-shirt canon in iCarly.
  • She put her head in the toilet bowl to record 'cheerleader being flushed down the toilet'.
  • She is strong (can lift Double G and defeat Hudson in a fight).
  • She, along with Kenzie, prefer to dance freaky over regular.
  • She has a very strong grip.
  • She knows Mason's scent.
  • She changed her haircut in Season 2.
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