"Girls are stinky poos!"
Bryce said back in elementary school.

Bryce Anderson is a student who is the most popular kid in Greg's grade.

Bryce 2


He is famous for knowing that he has a cute butt from girls who admire him. Greg shows that in elementary school, he didn't like girls, for he said, "Girls are stinky-poos!". Greg tries to make him look like an idiot when he hears him talking to any girls. Greg used to defend the girls saying: "I don't think girls are stinky-poos!".

In The Ugly Truth, he appears fooling his friends about a high-pitched noise. It is mentioned by Greg that he does not need a best friend because he has goons who follow him. In Cabin Fever he appears during Greg's seventh grade summer (during the events of Dog Days), where he owned a restaurant created for the neighborhood parents. After the sucess of the restaurant, he earned over 300 dollars, which he split for his goons (one of which bought a BB gun to prank Greg).

In The Third Wheel, he gets Candy Grams from five different girls when the first few of the Candy grams arrive.

Many girls at Greg's school like him and most boys supposedly worship him, of being loved a lot by Holly Hillsand Shelly. Many other girls have crushes on him, however it is unknown if Ruby Bird does, but she may not due to being more interested in Fregley.

In Hard Luck he appears with his other goon going around the cafeteria with Jeffrey Laffley, and he won the Best Hair award.

In the films, he is played by Owen Best and is shown as Shelly's boyfriend.


  • Its unknown why he is so popular, but it possibly may be a fact that the girls think he is good looking or he is rich. Greg Heffley says that it isn't very fair that Bryce has all the girls considering he only grew interested in them at the start of middle school, whilst Greg has always been into girls even in elementary where as Bryce and his friends hated girls.
    • Though it's possible Bryce is made to make fun of the kids in schools who are popular for practically no reason.
  • Fregley was more popular than him in Hard Luck.


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