Cave spiders are neutral mobs that can inflict poisoning.

150px-Cave Spider


Monster spawners

Cave spiders spawn from monster spawners in abandoned mineshafts.


They drop 0–2 string. They also have a 13 chance to drop a spider eye if killed by a player. They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.


Cave spiders inherit most of their behavior from regular spiders:

  • Pacified (made neutral) by bright light (daylight or light levels of 9 or higher) but will continue attacking regardless of light change once hostile. Subjecting them to darkness will render them hostile.
  • Climb walls when needed.
  • Attack by leaping at their targeted entity.
  • Unaffected by cobwebs or poison.
  • Can fit through a space that is 1 block wide and half a block tall.
  • Can go through the spaces between Nether Brick and Normal Fences.
  • Run much faster than spiders.
  • Can spawn spider jockeys in the bedrock edition.

Unlike regular spiders, they do not spawn with status effects.


When attacked by a cave spider on normal or hard difficulty, the bitten entity is inflicted with  Poison I.[1] On normal difficulty, the poison lasts for 7 seconds and can cause up to 4 () damage. On hard difficulty, it lasts for 15 seconds and can cause up to 10 () damage. Note that even on hard, poison damage is not taken when health is at 1 ().


  • While a cave spider's hitbox is only 13.9% the volume of a normal spider's, its model's volume is 34.3% as large. The shadow is even larger: compared to the normal spider's shadow it has an area of 49%.
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