The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is an aspiring series of humorous books, written by American cartoonist and online game designer Jeff Kinney. They follow through the illustrations of Greg Heffley, a male student in middle-school explaining his everyday adventures through his detailed drawings and simple notes. It first started as Igdoof in the early 1990s and after its failure, he made up of which was a comic about a middle school weakling called Greg Heffley. He started writing ideas and later uploaded them to in 2004-2005, where it got 20 million views and was later made into a book series, even so that movies were also released. The Heffley family apparently is based on the family of it's creator Jeff Kinney.

Diary of a wimpy kid Books 1-11


After Jeff Kinney was unsuccessful in syndicating his comic strip, lgdoof, he started writing down his ideas for about 6 years (from 1998-2004), which eventually became Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The series are believed to be based on a family that Jeff Kinney know personally, and virtually all the characters are based off people in reality, who are replaced by fictional names to protect their identity.

Greg Heffley was made in 1998 as a middle school weakling, and Jeff Kinney started making stories about Greg in a cheap writing-pad from 1998-2004, and when a single joke was made, Jeff Kinney stuck it together with others. This resulted in a big 1,300+ pages book, which was cut to about 600 pages when Kinney uploaded it on in 2004. It then achieved over 25 million views, and soon after the success of the web book, he converted the series into published books.

Books in the series

In total, there are eleven books in the series, each having a different color and a picture. From the original to the ninth book, The Long Haul, there have been many different books.

  • Book 1Diary of a Wimpy Kid, released in 2007, talks about Greg and his relationship with Rowley, and the infamous Cheese Touch. This book revolves around Greg's best friend, Rowley. (Red)
  • Book 2Rodrick Rules, released in 2008, is about Greg and his relationship with his brother, Rodrick, and about the traumatic event that Greg experienced during the summer. This book revolves around Greg's older brother, Rodrick. (Blue)
  • Book 3The Last Straw, released in early 2009, is about Greg and his relationship with his father and how he tries to impress Holly Hills. This book revolves around Greg's father. (Green)
  • Book 4Dog Days, released in late 2009, is about Greg's worst summer ever. This book revolves around Greg's mother. (Yellow)
  • Book 5The Ugly Truth, released in 2010, is about Greg and Rowley going through puberty. This book revolves around Greg's great-grandmother. (Purple)
  • Book 6Cabin Fever, released in 2011, is about a snowstorm that keeps Greg and his family inside. This book revolves around Greg's little brother Manny. (Ice Blue)
  • Book 7The Third Wheel, released in 2012, is about Greg's relationship with girls and the valentines dance. This book revolves around Greg's Uncle Gary. (Brown)
  • Book 8Hard Luck, released in 2013, is about the Hard Luck Greg faces and the Magic 8-Ball. This book revolves around Abigail Brown. (Lime Green)
  • Book 9The Long Haul, released in 2014, is about when the Heffley family go on a road trip but things don't go to well for them. This book revolves around a man named Mr. Beardo, the father of the Beardo family. (Orange)
  • Book 10Old School, released in 2015, is about Greg's town voluntarily unplugging and going electronics-free. This book revolves around a creepy man in the forest named Silas Scratch. (Black)
  • Book 11Double Down, released in 2016, is about Greg's relative Nana and making a movie with a movie camera to become famous. This book revolves around Maddox Selsam. (Scarlet)
  • Other Books: The other books in the series are the Do It Yourself Book and The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary and also there are Journals with only lines and also writing pads and sketch books.

Film Adaptations

In March 2010, Fox Film 2000 released a movie named Diary of a Wimpy Kid, based on the first book. The film garnered mixed reviews, and is rated 55% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2011, a second movie named Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules hit theaters. 47% of critics gave the film a positive review, according to the aforementioned Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2012, a third movie named Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days was released. Unlike the first two films, Dog Days combined the third and fourth books (The Last Straw and Dog Days).

In 2017, a fourth movie named Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul will be released.

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