Leah and her genies find Zeta looking for Nazboo in the marketplace and she ends up telling them the story of how Nazboo became her pet, though Leah and the genies find Zeta's uncharacteristic portrayal of herself in the story hard to believe. Leah helps Zeta find Nazboo with a wish which summons a microphone which Leah uses to call Nazboo by offering free belly rubs, causing Nazboo to come to her and reveals he ran off because he was hungry. When the genies mention the mean Dragons that supposedly bullied him in Zeta's story, Nazboo refutes it and tells them the true story of how he became Zeta's pet.


Note: This episode reveals the story of how Zeta and Nazboo meet and how he became her pet, though two version are shown: one told by Zeta which is revealed to have been embellished by Zeta to make herself look good and Nazboo's which reveals true version of events.

Nazboo's homeland, Manetikar the Land of Dragons makes it first appearance.

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