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Grandmatser Glitch
Title Synopsis First aired
1 The Eiffel Tower Grandmaster Glitch steals the Eiffel tower to use as a TV aerial. October 26, 2015
2 The Great Pyramids of Giza Grandmaster Glitch steals the Great Pyramid of Giza to play his shape game. October 27, 2015
3 Stonehenge Grandmaster Glitch decides to play giant dominoes with Stonehenge stones. October 28, 2015
4 The Sahara Desert When building a sandcastle around an oasis, Glitch threatens the safety of the touaregs and their camels. October 29, 2015
5 Niagara Falls A hydroelectric power station stops when Grandmaster Glitch blocks the Niagara falls to get muddy. October 30, 2015
6 Sydney Opera House Grandmaster Glitch steals the Sydney Opera House to compete in a yacht race. November 3, 2015
7 The Statue of Liberty Grandmaster Glitch decides to customise the Statue of Liberty to make it look like him. November 10, 2015
8 The Brandenburg Gate Grandmaster Glitch steals the Quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate to make himself a Carousel. November 17, 2015
9 Lambert-Fisher Glacier When making an ice statue of himself, Glitch threatens the Lambert Glacier. November 24, 2015
10 Chichen Itza Grandmaster Glitch's giant ball game threatens El Castillo, Chichen Itza. December 1, 2015
11 The Great Wall of China Glitch and his Grimbots threaten the Great Wall of China while racing on it. March 21, 2016
12 Leaning Tower of Pisa The Go Jetters race to fix the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but has it really been glitched?

Note: This episode shows that Grandmaster Glitch appears in the selfie with the Go-Jetters

March 22, 2016
13 Lake Titicaca Grandmaster Glitch lands with a splash in Lake Titicaca. March 23, 2016
14 The Collosseum Grandmaster Glitch goes to the Colloseum to race his grimbots. Can the Go Jetters stop him? March 24, 2016
15 The Taj Mahal The grimbots attach a bit of the Taj Mahal to GrimHQ. March 29, 2016
16 Mount Etna Grandmaster Glitch makes popcorn in Mount Etna, but blocks the volcano, endangering the farms. March 30, 2016
17 Table Mountain The grimbots give Table Mountain a snowy peak, threatening its rare plants. March 31, 2016
18 The Northern Lights Ubercorn is excited to see the Northern Lights, but Glitch covers them with smoke. April 1, 2016
19 The Amazon rainforest Grandmaster Glitch stops the rain in the Amazon rainforest to have a picnic. June 6, 2016
20 The Dead Sea The Go Jetters are relaxing by the Dead Sea when Grandmaster Glitch causes a catastrophe by dumping barrels of custard onto the sea. June 7, 2016
21 The Forbidden City The Go Jetters have to stop some runaway Chinese drums rolling toward the Forbidden City. June 8, 2016
22 The Wieliczka Salt Mine The Go Jetters have to save the famous Salt Statues from floods due to Glitch's digging when Glitch is trying to get salt for his chips. June 9, 2016
23 Giant's Causeway A giant Grandmaster Glitch is causing trouble at the Giant's Causeway. June 10, 2016
24 The Golden Gate Bridge The Go Jetters have to act fast when one of the Golden Gate Bridge's foghorns go missing. June 13, 2016
25 Komodo National Park Grandmaster Glitch supersizes a Komodo dragon. June 14, 2016
26 Big Ben On New Year's Eve, Grandmaster Glitch removes Big Ben's bell. June 15, 2016
27 The Strokkur Geyser A risk of earthquake needs sorting when the geyser gets stuck. June 16, 2016
28 The Aqueduct of Segovia The Go Jetters have to stop Glitch when he changes the aqueduct into a giant water slide. June 17, 2016
29 Rio de Janeiro Grandmaster Glitch stopped the samba at the Rio Carnival! Can the Go Jetters fix the glitch? August 5, 2016
30 Mount Everest The Go Jetters are enjoying a calm day, apart from Kyan who wants to go on an adventure. He settles on climbing Mount Everest. Grandmaster Glitch is busy working on his moustache and crashes into Mount Everest. The Grimbots play in the snow and are joined by Glitch, who makes a giant snowball which starts rolling down the mountain with him on it. the Go Jetters stop the snowball from hitting some mountaineers by using GO Shield and GO Force. Glitch ends up in the snow but the Grimbots have escaped in GrimHQ and left him cold in the snow. The Go Jetters rescue him and he presses a button in the JetPad leading to a funny selfie. September 19, 2016
31 Loch Ness A Grimbot is spying on the Go Jetters as they read stories about the Loch Ness monster. They all go to Loch Ness. The Go Jetters view a tranquil loch with a fisherman in a boat. All of a sudden the fisherman is dragged along by an unknown creature. He finally lets go of his rod and Xuli, using GO Dive, goes to investigate. She takes a photo and it is Grandmaster Glitch in the Grimbler. Glitch continues to dive towards the bottom hunting for Nessie but the Grimbler begins to break apart and it shoots back to the surface spilling oil. The Go Jetters use GO Grab and GO fix to get some of the nearby peat to soak up the oil and put it back in the Grimbler. In the selfie there is a splash, was it Nessie? September 20, 2016
32 The Grand Canyon Kyan is wire-walking across the Grand Canyon as part of the GO Jetters training. Grandmaster Glitch fires his own wire across the canyon onto the Grand Canyon Skywalk to try and beat Kyan. Grandmaster Glitch cheats by using magnetic boots to walk across the wire. The Grimbots watch in admiration and play very loud music which causes the wires to vibrate leaving Kyan and Glitch hanging in danger, along with tourists on the Skywalk. Foz and Lars use GO Boots to support the Skywalk and to stop the loud music in the Grimbler. GO Fix is used by Lars to fix the Skywalk. Kyan then completes his wire walk with Grandmaster Glitch on his shoulders. Kyan gets a double GO Jetters award for: completing the wire walk and for saving Grandmaster Glitch. September 21, 2016
33 Easter Island Grandmaster Glitch is on holiday on the Easter Island. He complains that there are too many tourists taking photos of the Moai statues and disturbing his rest. Glitch gets the Grimbots to build a new statue to distract the tourists but they are not impressed. The Grimbots have built a large pink poodle! Glitch breaks it and the broken pieces roll down a hill towards some tourists. The GO Jetters save them and also save the statues using GO Giant and GO Roll. One final piece of the poodle statue hits Glitch and knocks him off his chair. September 22, 2016
34 The Parthenon Grandmaster Glitch is watching a James Bond film and he loves it. He thinks the only bad thing is that he was not in it. He starts making a film at the Parthenon. The film is based on Glitch beating the Go Jetters. The Grimbots are dressed up as the Go Jetters and Ubercorn and they have a cardboard Vroomster. Glitch wants to make it better and he tricks the Go Jetters by pretending the Grimbler is broken. The Go Jetters come to help and when they are distracted the Grimbots take the Vroomster. They then race around in it and keep knocking into the Parthenon. The Go Jetters use GO Giant, GO Board and GO Grab to stop them. In the end Xuli tricks the Grimbots to press the red ejector button because they think it makes them go faster. At the end, the Go-Jetters watched the film and the tourists laughed at Glitch. September 23, 2016
35 St Basil's Cathedral It is Grandmaster Glitch's birthday. The Grimbots make him a rubbish cake as he wanted one with green icing which looks a little like a castle. The Grimbots cover St Basil's Cathedral in green icing and Glitch loves it. Due to the cold weather the icing sets hard and traps some Cossack dancers inside. The Go Jetters come to help but the Grimbots trapped Lars and Foz in icing. Kyan distracts Glitch by joining some Cossack dancers to perform a birthday dance. Xuli uses GO Force set to heat to rescue Lars and Foz, who join her in melting the icing on the cathedral. It all melts and sends a tidal wave of icing into Red Square. They then have to use GO Force set to cold to freeze the icing and it traps Glitch. The Grimbots have to cut him out and carry him away. September 26, 2016
36 Tarbela Dam When Grandmaster Glitch steals one of the Go-Jetters' Click-ons, the forecast isn't good for the Tarbela Dam. September 27, 2016
37 Mount Rushmore The Grimbots add Glitch's face to those of the presidents on Mount Rushmore. September 28, 2016
38 Caernarfon Castle How will the Go Jetters retrieve Xuli's flying trophy from Caernarfon Castle? September 29, 2016
39 The Great Barrier Reef The team dives into action as Grandmaster Glitch's treasure hunt endangers the Great Barrier Reef. September 30, 2016
40 The North Pole After Grandmaster Glitch steals his sleigh, Santa can't deliver his presents to the children of the world. Thankfully, the Go Jetters are here to save the day. December 14, 2016
41 Hong Kong Glitch sells his mini master toys but they munch up everything, even the vroomster! G.O. Dive, G.O. Jump, G.O. Fix, G.O. Giant do the trick. January 30, 2017
42 Waitomo Glowworm Caves It's Go Jetters to glow when Glitch uses some glow worms for his disco pizzazz in New Zealand. February 13, 2017
43 Lake Retba Glitch wants more strawberry milkshake so the grimbots find Lake Retba and try to suck the pink salty water out of the lake by mistake. February 14, 2017
44 The Paddy Fields Of China Glitch plays a Crazy golf game at the paddy fields using Landmarks: The Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, Caernarfon Castle and the Golden Gate Bridge. February 15, 2017
45 Cappadocia Glitch plays Hide-and-seek and topples a Fairy Chimley soon glitch attracts Kyan on a GO board and Xuli sneaks up on Glitch and turns off glitch's GO mags and a very funny selfie. February 16, 2017
46 Maasai Mara Glitch wants to take a selfie with a lion but it's raining and lions don't like rain! February 17, 2017
47 Gobi desert Glitch's drill causes a Sandstorm at the Gobi desert. February 20, 2017
48 Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico Glitch is given a bath by his Grimbots as he accidentally threatens the glow-in-the-dark creatures at Bioluminescent Bay. February 21, 2017
49 Blue Mountains, Jamaica Glitch's campfire February 22, 2017
50 Jigokudani Monkey Park The Go Jetters fly to the rescue in Japan, as Glitch gets up to his usual monkey business. February 23, 2017
51 The Nazca Lines The Go Jetters race to protect ancient artwork in Peru, when Glitch erases the Nazca lines by making his own artwork. February 24, 2017
52 TBA
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