The girls visit the marketplace to shop for blue roses though find that they are sold out

Genie for a day
(after Zeta purchased them all as ingredients for a potion). Leah wishes for some blue roses and Shimmer summons a large amount of them. Shimmer admits how much she enjoys granting wishes which causes Leah to wish to be a genie for a day so she can grant wishes to make others happy. As a result, Leah temporarily gains the ability to fly and grant wishes, however she asks Shimmer and Shine to let her do things on her own. They give her a genie bottle which Zeta uses a potion to obtain. As a result, Leah finds herself forced to grant Zeta's three wishes, though she tells Parisa she will have to be careful how she grants Zeta's wishes to prevent Zeta from using them to takeover Zahramay Falls. Leah manages to foil Zeta's attempts to make herself the strongest sorceress by interpreting it literally, making Zeta muscular and strong instead of a magically strong sorceress with magic stronger than wish magic. Zeta assumes that Leah just has trouble granting wishes. Leah pretends to try and help Zeta make a successful wish, which leads to Zeta wishing to be top Sorceress in Zahramay Falls, which Leah once again interprets literally by transporting Leah to the top of a mountain. Zeta becomes frustrated by Leah's inability to grant wishes incorrectly and after triggering an avalanche with her enhanced strength ends up back in the marketplace where Leah reminds her of her last wish, though Zeta sarcastically says she might as well wish for a Dragon Cookie for Nazboo which Leah grants correctly, revealing to Zeta that she only wished to become a genie to make others happy and Zeta's final wish made Nazboo happy. After granting Zeta's final wish, Leah reverts back to a normal human losing her ability to grant wishes and fly. However Leah decides to use her last wish to restore Zeta to normal causing her to loss her muscles and enhanced strength. Zeta is touched by Leah's kindness and as a show of thanks she orders a batch of Dragon Cookies which she shares with the girls and Nazboo.

  • Note: Leah briefly becomes a Genie in this episode and is shown to be quite good at granting wishes as she is able to control how she interprets Zeta's wishes to prevent Zeta from abusing wish magic to make herself stronger, though is perfectly capable of granting wishes correctly if she wanted to. Leah however loses her genie powers after granting Zeta's final wish as Leah herself only wished to be a genie for a day. This episode also shows that a person can become a genie via a wish. Additionally despite attempting to use Leah to make herself more powerful, Zeta is shown to be genuinely touched by Leah's kindness towards her at the end of the episode to the point she decides to share Dragon Cookies with the girls as thanks, a sign that her interactions with the girls are a positive influence on her.
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