Go Jetters is a 3D animated British children's television series currently airing on CBeebies.[2]

This geography based programme was commissioned by CBeebies Controller Kay Benbow and is a co-production of CBeebies In-house Production and BBC Worldwide.[3]

Aimed at the upper-end of preschool ages 4–6,[4] Go Jetters follows the adventures of four heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn. The show uses songs and music to expose facts about foreign countries and environments.

Information about Go Jetters

Go Jetters

Each Go Jetter has a star logo on their suit, and a particular speciality and a sentence they'll often repeat over the episodes.


Only girl of the group and pilot of their vehicle, the Vroomster. Her purple and yellow suit has stylised wings around its logo. Her catchphrase is 'not cool!'. Voiced by Pilar Orti.[5]


The sporty one, very good at gymnastics. He wears a deep blue and orange suit with no particular sign of his speciality. He is known to say "aced it!" in every episode. Voiced by Akie Kotabe.[6]


The tallest of all, really good at fixing things. In red and white, his logo has a cog-shaped surrounding. Known to say "Geographic!" in most episodes. Lars is also shown being an Eiffel Tower lover in the first episode of the series. Voiced by Syrus Lowe.[7]


The clever one. In light blue and yellow, his logo is shaped as a broken circle identical to an on/off button symbol. Known to build his sentences like mathematical formulae (X plus Y equals Z). Voiced by John Hasler.[8]


The leader and mentor of the Go Jetters Academy, he is a funky-disco grooving unicorn.[4] Dressed with a white glittery suit with light blue stars, purple goggles and red sparkly boots, he guides the Go Jetters during their missions by giving them advice and selecting click-ons for them. He also presents them with 'funky' facts about the places they visit. Voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins [9]

Jet Pad

This high-tech computerised jet helps the Go Jetters to go around the world and serves as their HQ. The computer is voiced by Naomi McDonald.[10]


Grandmaster Glitch

Grandmaster Glitch is a disgruntled former cadet of the Go Jetter Academy. Glitch likes mud and having fun, which usually involves destroying or using a landmark to achieve his plans. He has a large moustache, used as his trademark, and funnel-like pieces on his helmet. He calls the Go Jetters "No-Jetters" and his catchphrase is "Grimbles!". He goes around in the Glitch HQ , a big rusty ship. Voiced by Marc Silk.[11]


Little spherical robots, Grandmaster Glitch's minions. They take care of everything at Grim HQ, Glitch's main jet and help Glitch in his mischievous activities. Voiced by Marc Silk.[12]

Episode structure

Each episode is built on a similar structure, as follows:

- Aboard their Jet Pad, the Go Jetters are heading to a new place to discover a new landmark.

- On the way, Ubercorn gives them his top 3 "funky facts" on the place they are going to visit.

- Once there, they discover the landmark being "glitched" (altered in some way) by Grandmaster Glitch and his grimbots.

- The Go Jetters have the mission to save the landmark. They ask Ubercorn for some "Click-ons" (gadgets) to help them in their task.

- The landmark is saved, and the Go Jetters take a selfie as a souvenir.

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