Leah and her genies meet the genie hair stylist Ayla while exploring the Azar Bazaar Rainbow Zahramay, who has a magic comb with the power to change anyone's hairstyle including her own


. However Zeta and Nazboo learn about the magic comb during their shopping trip to the Azar Bazaar for potions and Zeta decides to steal its power for herself and uses its power to escape when her theft is discovered. Ayla, Leah, and her genies must use Ayla's hair color changing gems to beat Zeta at her own game to get the comb back to save Ayla's hair salon from going out of business as she needs the comb to change her customer's hair.



Note: This is the first episode to take place entirely in the Azar Bazaar in Rainbow Zahramay. It is also the first episode to feature Zeta and Nazboo in Rainbow Zahramay.

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