Hardscrabble Farms is the place Greg and his school go to for a week long field trip in the

Hardscrabble Farms sign

10th book "Old School". It is the main location of the 10th book. The camp is known to make kids miserable, and even traumatize some, like what happened to Rodrick when he went. A main cause may be the rumored Silas Scratch who supposedly lives near the farm in the woods after supposedly being kicked off his land he had while working at the farm. Silas Scratch turned out to have been a hoax, created by Greg's dad, Frank, to keep people away from a maintenance shack, which contained nicer things then much of the rest of the farm, which he found in the woods while gathering firewood at the place when he was a kid.

People who went on the schools trip/work there 

Went on the trip:

  • Frank Heffley (Greg's dad)
  • Mr. Jefferson (a.k.a Robert Jefferson) (Rowley's dad)
  • Mrs. Graziano
  • Rowley Jefferson
  • Albert Sandy
  • Mr. Nuzzi
  • Graham Bertran
  • Gareth Grimes
  • Emilio Mendoza
  • Duane Higgins
  • Timothy Ames
  • Jeffrey Swanson
  • Rodrick Heffley (Went to the place when he was in Greg's grade)
  • Melinda Henson
  • Julian Trimble
  • Mike Barrows
  • Jordan Lankey

Works there:

  • Nurse
  • Unidentified Hardscrabble Farms Employee


  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School (First and only appearance)


  • Greg's grade he was in, in the 10th book, at his school, has been going on an annual trip to the place for at least 19 years, since Mrs. Graziano says she has been to Hardscrabble Farms for 19 years. The annual trip for the grade may have started longer ago, since Frank (Greg's dad), and another chaperone (who is unnamed) had both been there as kids, when they were in Greg's grade.
  • The supply list for this place includes bug spray, hiking boots, raincoat, canteen, day pack, jeans, plastic bag, sunscreen, toiletries, and wool socks, while junk food and electronics are strictly prohibited.
  • The food at Hardscrabble Farms is atrocious and from each meal, and all the leftover food is scraped into a pot which creates a stew that is served as part of the meal the next day. That method has been used at Hardscrabble Farms for over thirty years.
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