I Want to Go Home is the fourth song featured in Journey Beyond Sodor.


How much longer will I have to stay here?
One more day, or a month, or a year?
Far from everything I've ever known
Far away from the Island called Sodor
Far away from that Island called home
Where are you Annie and Clarabel?
Have you been left in the shed?
Or are you out on my branch line
With some other engine instead
I miss all of my friends
I miss hearing their names
Percy and Toby and Gordon
It's strange but I even miss James
I'm not joking, I even miss James
I wanted to have an adventure
I wanted to wander and roam
I wanted to see places I'd never seen
But now I just wanna go home
Tell me when do I get to go home
All I wanna do is go back to Sodor
All I wanna do is get back to my friends
I don't wanna be stuck here forever and always
In this hot house where work never ends
I wanted adventure
I wanted to roam
I wanted new places but now I want home
I mean it, I have to go home
So lock up your gates with your skeleton key
You can't make me stay where I don't want to be
It's not right, it's not fair
This is no place for me
I want to, I need to, I have to be free to go home!
I'll find my way home
I'll make my way home
It's time to go home
I'm going home!
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