Layla is a minor character in Shimmer and Shine.

Layla Shimmer and Shine


Layla is an ice genie. For a very long time, she resided inside a bottle on the coast of Zahramay Falls. Shimmer, Shine, and Leah found the bottle and freed Layla. Afterwards, they let her live in the local ice palace.


Layla has purple eyes and blonde hair that is almost always frozen over with a layer of blue ice. She wears a blue dress with pink ice crystals on it and a matching necklace.


Layla appears in the following episodes:

  • "Freeze-amay Falls"
  • "Bling, Bling" (mentioned only)

Layla's ice palace is also seen in "Snow Place We'd Rather Be".


  • Princess Samira mentions in "Bling, Bling" that she is friends with "the ice genie" (Layla).
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