Leah from Shimmer and Shine

"Leah is warm, caring and thrilled to have secret genies as her best friends! Sensitive to others’ feelings, she does whatever it takes to make the people she cares about happy. Leah is straightforward, honest, and very patient … and thank goodness, because her genies make a lot of mistakes! Her natural instinct is to be calm and to think things through before she acts, so having Shimmer and Shine as her genies keeps her on her toes!"


Leah has blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a pink shirt with light pink polka dots, a light blue skirt, and purple striped pants. She also has a purple genie bottle necklace.

In the second season, Leah almost always wears a golden hair tie and a pink/purple genie outfit.


Leah appears in every episode of the show.

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