"This is the most excitement, I've had in forever!"
— Lexi, Journey Beyond Sodor
Lexi is an upcoming character who will be introduced in Journey Beyond Sodor.


When Thomas travels to the Mainland, he befriends the experimental engines, Lexi, Merlin and Theo. Later, the experimental engines come to rescue Thomas and James when they are trapped in the Steelworks.


Lexi likes to experiment with how she presents herself, often trying out different voices and how she phrases her expressions just to see which one she thinks works best. Another “experimental engine”, Lexi, nods towards a more fluid approach to gender. She is “cab forward”, even though she is convinced this this makes her “an un-useful engine."


Lexi is based on the North Pacific Coast Railroad Cab-Forward 4-4-0 No. 21 "Thomas-Stetson", a rebuild of NPCRR #5 which was dismantled by 1897. #21 was scrapped in 1905.


Lexi is painted light turquoise with a gold cowcatcher. Her front windows have gold lining, and her side windows have copper lining. Her main body is covered in rust. Lexi also carries her name on brass nameplates fixated on each side of her cab.


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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends


  • 2017 - Journey Beyond Sodor


  • Lexi has been modified to accommodate a face, as a lamp would actually be were her face is. Her lamp has also been moved to her added footplate.
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