Lili and Sai

Lili and Sai are young Ziffilon cubs and pets of the Waterfall Genie Imma who appear in "Rainbow Zahramay". They are playful, though their young age causes them to get into mischief. This is show when they take Imma's staff and use it to close the color gates that supply colors to the Rainbow Waterfalls, creating a purple mist that effects the magic of Zahramay Falls, causing magic carpets to stop flying and genies to lose their ability to fly and grant wishes. Princess Samira sends Leah and her genies to investigate, while Samira, Kaz, and Zac try to prevent panic and keep people away from the purple mist. Imma unaware of Lili and Sai being responsible is looking for her staff to reopen the purple gate to restore purple water to the rainbow falls when she meets Leah and her genies who join Imma in looking for her staff during which they are introduced Lili and Sai. Eventually Leah notices Lili and Sai with Imma's staff which the two Ziffilons use to close the blue gate as they think of it as a game, failing to realize the trouble they are causing. Leah, her genies, and Imma try to stop them but the Ziffilons' ability to fly and out of control magic produced by each different color mist complicates matters. Eventually Lili and Sai close all the gates which threatens to cause the source of the rainbow falls to burst. Imma tries to get Lili and Sai to bring her the staff, but in their panicked attempts to remove it from the gate lock cause it to break. However Leah and her genies come up with the idea to get Lili and Sai to help stop the impending disaster and they manage to restore the rainbow falls, restoring magic to Zahramay Falls, while allows Leah to make a wish to fix Imma's broken staff.

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