Mac Digby is Greg's idol in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (film). He is a wealthy Youtube video Gamer

Mac Digby

whom Susan hates a lot. His catchphrase is," Dat's how Digby do it!" He is at Player Expo when he meets Greg. He is startled when he sees him, and Greg accidentally powers off the game Digby is about to break world record in. It is then that Susan Heffley walks into the Expo. She locates and then yells at Greg, as Greg went to the Expo without his mothers permission, and then makes Greg leave the Expo, stating he should put the Diaper Hands business behind him. It is then that everyone realizes Greg is Diaper Hands from the viral videos and trends, When Susan reveals that Greg is Diaper Hands, he and the audience chant, "Diaper Hands! Greg Heffley!" Digby is not seen again for the rest of the film.

He is played by Joshua Hoover.

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