Misha is a minor character in Shimmer and Shine. She's an Animal Genie.

Sneak-Peek Animal Genie


Misha is the Animal Genie who helps all the genies in Zarharmay Falls find their pets.


Misha is fair skinned, and has dark pink hair with a braid at the top. She wears a light blue/purple dress with yellow and pink flowers. She also wears a gold headband with a diamond-shaped headpiece with a violet crystal on the center, with matching earrings. She also has blue eyes.


Misha appears in the following episodes:

  • A Lightning Colt for Shaya
  • A Special Delivery
  • Zahra-Glitter, Zahra-Glow


  • Her name is Misha
  • She has a pet panda named Lulu
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