Ms. O (formerly Agent Oprah) is the boss of Odd Squad. She is played by Millie Davis.



Ms. O is the head of Odd Squad. Although her age is not told, she seems to never age. Until the passing of a test in the 1980s, Ms. O was once an agent. She is constantly seen with a juice box.


  • Before Ms. O joined Odd Squad, she ran a fruit stand with her friend Yucks Shmumbers in 1870, delivered newspapers in Norway, and was the Queen of Portugal.
  • She loves and might be addicted to juice boxes.
  • She likes the color purple.
  • She is the current winner of the Jackie, and has won only one.
  • In the first episode, she is seen drinking apple juice; however, in every other episode, she is seen drinking orange juice.
  • Ms. O is possibly the creator of the Math Room.
  • Ms. O and Shmumberman both love juice.
  • She also got to star in a Shmumberman comic book with Shmumberman as her sidekick.
  • Her birthday is on November 30th, but she never tells any agent her age.
  • She likes her chocolate warm and melty.


"Well! What are you [two] waiting for? GO!"

"There you [two] are. Something very odd has happened."


"I'm really getting too young for this."

"Over here people!"

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