Navin Hayes is the son of David and Karen Hayes, and younger brother of Emily Hayes.

By an ancient prophecy, he was appointed Commander of The Resistance. Although he is often late for class aboard the Firebrand, his mech-battle experience[1] makes him more qualified than other students to pilot the Colossus.


As Emily, Karen, and David are on their way to pick up Navin, another driver's headlights cause their vehicle to suddenly charge off the road and down a steep, snowy bank. Emily and Karen survive, but David is killed when the car plummets off the mountainside.

Two years later, the family moves to Norlen, a smaller town away from the hectic city life. In order to help cheer up a "mopy-faced" Emily, Navin decides to make humorous faces at her, to no avail. They arrive at the Charnon House, inherited from the kids' great-grandfather Silas Charnon.

The same day, Emily discovers a mysterious pendant in a large room in the house. Navin expresses a slight jealousy due to the fact that his sister always finds the "cool stuff". That night, when their mother is suddenly abducted by an Arachnopod, Navin and Emily chase after her through a small passageway in the attic. The two arrive in Alledia and are later taken by Miskit, who helps them escape from a mysterious elf named Prince Trellis.

In order to save their mother, Navin is given the opportunity to steer the Albatross, a small aircraft.



Navin loves video games, robots, flying and seeing Emily laugh. He tries to be easygoing and optimistic so that his sis doesn't get too bogged down about things. When need be, he can become a serious and determined fighter, and excellent strategist when it comes to saving Emily. He also seems to have developed an affection for Alyson Hunter another young pilot like Navin these feelings may develop through out the series.


Navin seems to express a deep interest with the machinery he encounters, including airships and robots. After coming to Alledia, he has shown to be a talented pilot after driving a small plane and steering the Luna Moth to safety during a storm, as well as piloting a mobilized Charnon House – skills that he apparently acquired from playing video games.



  • Navin has matured beyond his mostly childish personality seen in the first book.
  • Navin loves video games to the point where he claims he could play them all day if he could.
  • This love of video games seems to have reflected his skills as a pilot. Despite his young age, his talent for controlling machines has been noticed by other members of the resistance.
  • Despite Cogsley's unfriendly attitude, Navin seems to have come to develop a particular bond with Cogsley, as the robot has taught him a lot since entering Alledia. Cogsley, too, has warmed up to both the kids' presence.
  • Navin is the first to find the Voice's intentions suspicious.
  • Navin is one of the main characters of the Three Stooges parody I"ll Never Heil Again, in which he plays the Minister of Propaganda originally played by Larry, who along with Field Marshal Herring (Trellis) is one of the top advisors to dictator Moe Hailstone (Cogsley). They defeat four of their allies who are plotting against them. The allies are played by Max Griffin, Enzo, Morrie, (who Navin knocks out by hitting him with a frying pan.) and Rico. Afterword though Navin along with Hailstone and Herring are killed when Herring throws down an explodeng pool ball which was booby trapped by a spy (Emily) earlier in the short. Afterword Navin Hailstone and Herring"s heads are hung as trophies at the spy and her mother the new queen"s (Karen Hayes) new palace to their amusement.
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