Agent Ohlm is Otto's temporary partner in O is Not For Over. He later becomes Orchid's partner and stays her partner throughout Season 2. Ms. O hired him because he's unpredictable and a master of confusion, and doesn't know what he is doing.


Screen shot 2016-06-21 at 2.47.05 PM

"It's Ohlm, with a K."

"Sire, Meem, I need to commandeer that mape."

"It's pronounced 'Ohlm'."


  • O is Not For Over
  • First Day
  • Happy Halfiversary
  • And Then They Were Puppies
  • Three's Company
  • High Maintenance


  • Ohlm apparently has no idea how to do his job.
  • His favorite color is chairs.
  • He claims to be 65 in dog years, which is equivalent to about 9 human years.
  • He loves pans, especially from Hong Kong.
  • He represents the Odd Complaint Department, and his complaints are as follows:
    • He doesn't like pizza crusts
    • He also doesn't like when other people don't eat their pizza crusts, because then he has to look at them
    • He doesn't like Monday, because he thinks it should come after Thursday
    • And he thinks the color green should be eliminated entirely
  • Ohlm has a pet hamste
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