Oksana is Odd Squad's cook.

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Oksana is serious and speaks in a monotone voice. She is very straight-forward; she cuts to the chase, and doesn't beat around the bush, but is offended easily as seen in the Not So Splash episode with Agent Oren.


  • Ms. O considered partnering Oksana with Olive, as told in Switch Your Partner Round and Round.
  • In all her years working at Odd Squad Oksana has never dropped a plate.
  • In "Welcome to the Break Room, Part 2", Oksana's hair is in a bun, but in every other appearance her hair is in French braids.
  • Oksana is part of the Maintenance department, but her color is pink instead of yellow. She also has a different uniform style than other Maintenance agents.
  • She especially doesn't like Agent Oren or having kitchen assistants.
  • Oksana is the only person at Odd Squad who does not have a character profile.


"Not to worry!"

"In all my years working at Odd Squad, I've never dropped a plate. I just drop the beat."

"Food is for eating."

"Always watch until the end of the credits."

"I AM PROVIDING A DISTRACTION... I am continuing providing a distraction.

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