Olaf is Agent Oren's partner. He is happy-go-lucky and jovial in nature, but tends to be very simple-minded. Occasionally he has moments of genius and is very well spoken, which surprise the other agents greatly



"I'm Olaf!"







  • Olaf shares Oren's penchant for laziness.
  • He frequently howls to communicate. Oren can understand and translate Olaf's howls.
  • He loves potatoes, and even has a song about it titled "Potato Song" on the Odd Squad Soundtrack.
  • He almost always appears with Oren except in the episodes Rise of the Hydraclops and Reindeer Games.
  • His uncle is Mr. Fonts, who works at the library. (As seen in Dawn of the Read)
  • In First Day, it is revealed that Olaf is actually a werewol
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