Agent Olive is an agent at Odd Squad. Her partner is Otto. She is one of the main characters on the show and is played by Dalila Bela.


The Burly Bears: Number One Fan

Otto's Partner


Olive is an agent who has worked at Odd Squad for many years, the opposite of her partner Otto. She is a veteran agent and a serious worker that always focuses on the task at hand (unless the subject turns to her favorite sports team, the Bears). Sometimes, she is noted to be too serious and in need of lightening up a little. Her old partner was Agent Todd (now known as Odd Todd). Her agent number is 63, and she dislikes the band Soundcheck.


  • "Let’s go."
  • "Crumpets!"
  • "Partner, whatever happens today, I just want you to know I wouldn't trade one day for - ANYTHING!"


Playing or watching basketball, football, soccer, baseball, hockey, badminton, volley ball, cricket, curling, Foosball, bowling, archery, golf, sailing, skiing, lacrosse, polo, water polo, tennis...

Favorite Food

Anything but pie.


  • Olive has been seen to not mess up, but in Robert Plant, she poured all the water effortlessly on the plant even though Obfusco gave her instructions to follow, which she did not.
  • In the episode Training Day it reveals why Olive is scared of pies, and that Olive had an old partner named Todd before Otto became her partner.
  • In Zero Effect, Best Seats in the House and Ms. O Uh Oh, it is told that Olive's birthday is on December 10th.
  • In the episode Zero Effect and in "Meet Agent Olive", it reveals that she is 12 years old.
  • She gets tube-blocked in Life of O'Brian.
  • She thought she was bad at video games, but she found out she was good at them in Game Time.
  • According to Undercover Olive, she is the best RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors) player on the squad.
  • In Disorder in the Court, it is revealed that Olive actually likes the band Soundcheck, but she goes back to not liking them after Otto won't stop playing their songs for her. However, she still goes back and forth between liking them and not liking them.
  • Olive has the same Rock Paper Scissors throwing pattern as Todd.
  • She is scared of pie, because of the events in Training Day, however, it is revealed in the OddTube "Interview With Olive", that she is getting back into pies. She only is on tarts right now, but she's getting there.
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