Agent Oren is an agent at Odd Squad. His partner is Agent Olaf. He is one of the supporting characters.



Snarky and arrogant, Oren and his partner have an ongoing rivalry with Olive and Otto. Unlike their industrious rivals, Oren likes to weasel his way out of work whenever possible. Oren likes to brag and considers himself Odd Squad's best agent. He has a fear of pancakes, and dreams of becoming director of Odd Squad (as shown in The Potato Ultimato).

The O Games (contains spoilers) 

Oren was one of the five agents chosen to compete in The O Games. His athlete's quote was "100% happenin', 0% humble". He was eliminated in the second round by Odd Todd during the 25 Centigurp Dash event.


  • "What does it look like we're doing? We're working."
  • <sneering noise>
  • "If Ms. O offers to send you to Blobsylvania to count blobs, DO. NOT. GO."
  • "I'm not the bragging type, but I am the best agent the squad's got..."


Looking at himself in mirror, dreaming about being Ms. O, and beating Olive and Otto at everything.

Favorite Food

Anything but pancakes


  • Oren's greatest fear is pancakes. No reason is given, but this may be revealed in future episodes.
  • Oren is still said to be washing blob out of everywhere.
  • His birthday is November 20th.
  • Oren is very talented at playing the recorder
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