Agent Otis is a main character in Season 2 of Odd Squad. His partner is Agent Olympia. He is portrayed by Isaac Kragten.

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Serious, rough around the edges, fiercely loyal, agent of few words. Otis is the man of action, who recently transferred to Ms. O’s squad. Where he was before his transfer is anyone’s guess. Unlike his partner, Olympia, Otis plays things close to the vest. Just because he doesn’t share his feelings, however, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. There seems to be a lot beneath the surface with Otis and he is constantly surprising his partner with special skills and knowledge and interests, like his intense love of kittens and fear of ducks.


  • "I like that Abraham Lincoln one. 'I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends. Oh, from me? No comment."


  • Otis tells Olympia he has no special talents, but actually he can climb walls and hip-hop dance.
  • He also enjoys filming movies.
  • Otis has never been to the Odd Squad Academy.
  • He dislikes pizza, but he likes pizza boxes and the triangles in the middle.
  • Otis has a fear of ducks.
  • He received Otto's autograph In Odd Squad: The Movie.
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