Agent Otto is an agent at Odd Squad. His partner is Agent Olive. He is one of the main characters and is played by Filip Geljo. As of Season 2, he and Olive run the Squad in the next town over as Mr. and Ms. O.


Otto is a rookie agent at Odd Squad. He has a huge obsession with food, is not very serious and enjoys telling jokes. He also likes dancing, music, pizza, and Soundcheck.



Odd Todd: Predecessor

Soundcheck: Friends/Idols


"Boom! ________ -a-lotta!"



"Global warming."


"We solve problems differently, but we still do it together. That's what partners are for, helping each other."

"Olive we're not just partners, we're friends. Nothing will ever change that."


  • Otto is 10 years old, as revealed in Zero Effect.
  • Even though Otto is younger than Olive, he is taller than her.
  • Otto loves Christmas, as stated in Reindeer Games.
  • It is revealed in Best Seats in the House that Otto's birthday is on January 10th.                   
  • He is terrible at sports.
  • Otto's agent ID (badge number) is 70.
  • Otto participated in (and won) The O Games.
  • In O vs. the Ballcano Otto says he has six years’ worth of junk in his locker.
  • Otto still has not read the Odd Squad Manual.
  • In The Great Grinaldi, he has expressed interest in becoming an Olympic speed skater, a tornado chaser, and a magician.
  • At the end of Season 1 he turns 11.


  • All of Season 1, except for Oscar of All Trades
  • First Day (cameo)
  • Odd Squad: The Movie
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