Owen is a security agent who supposedly, secretly tags along on all of Olive and Otto's cases. His fellow security partner is Agent Ohio, as of Season 2.



"Wish I could, but-"

"I'm not perfect, but I'm close."

"It's Go Owen time!"

"Going on break!"

"I don't make friends with numbers. I only calculate them."


Season 1 

  • My Better Half (supposedly, according to his interview video)
  • The Briefcase (also according to his interview video)
  • Life of O'Brian
  • Hold the Door
  • Switch Your Partner Round and Round
  • Oscar the Couch
  • No Ifs, Ands, or Robots
  • Worst First Day Ever
  • By the Book
  • O vs. the Ballcano
  • Disorder in the Court
  • Oscar of All Trades
  • O is Not For Over

Season 2 

  • First Day
  • The O Team
  • The Creature Whisperer
  • Oscar Strikes Back
  • Olympia's Day
  • Extreme Cakeover
  • High Maintenance


  • Ms. O was initially thinking of partnering Otto and Owen, as revealed in Switch Your Partner Round and Round.
  • His Favorite Food Are Apples.
  • One of Owen's hobbies is "spinning the baton thingy".
  • His tie size is 11.
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