Parisa is "A Zahramay Fox that Leah befriends in "Now You See Her". After helping Leah and her genies foil Zeta's plan to use a camouflage potion to steal their Genie Gems and having bonded with Leah, Parisa becomes Leah's magical pet. As Parisa is a magical creature, Leah uses one of her wishes to create a place for Parisa to live near the fountain in the courtyard of Shimmer and Shine's palace which appears small on the outside, yet big on the inside. As Parisa is a Zahramay Fox, she possesses the ability to camouflage herself, making her practically invisible. This ability makes her incredibly stealthy to the point she was able to covertly follow Zeta and Nazboo to Shimmer and Shine's palace while they were under the effects of Zeta's camouflage potion. In "Untamed Talent", Parisa reveals she has a talent for painting.

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