"Out of the way, young 'uns! Someone important is coming through!"
―Patrick teasing Jack and Alfie, On Site with Thomas

Patrick is a cement mixer, who works for the Sodor Construction Company.



In his first appearance, Patrick was pouring concrete for the foundation for a new community centre. He caused an argument between all the Pack members after bragging about his importance. Later, he almost had a head-on collision with Max and Monty, resulting him crashing into his own concrete. Patrick was then scolded by Miss Jenny after causing the commotion, and ensured them as they are all part of a team, there is no such thing as most important.


Patrick was found to be quite a boastful soul and thought that concrete made him important, until he was put in his place when he landed in his own concrete. He knows all there is to know about concrete and thinks it is one of the essential means of keeping the building site running.

As part of the construction team, Patrick takes pride in his work and makes sure that each job is done correctly. He has been on lots of job sites and knows many different ways to accomplish a task. Patrick will gladly explain how things are done and how they could be done better.


Patrick is based on a 1943 Mack NM3 lorry, fitted with a cement mixer. These lorries were made for military use during the Second World War.


Patrick is painted maroon on the top half of his front, and on the front and rear sections of his mixer. He is painted cream on the lower half of his front and on the middle section of his drum.


  • Television Series

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

  • Jack and the Sodor Construction Company - On Site with Thomas

Patrick had a role in the cancelled episodes, Snow Rescue, Bossy Byron, The Importance of Being Patrick and Jack and the Quack.

Music Videos

  • The Work Song
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