Rabbits (or bunnies) are mostly harmless, passive mobs

150px-Salt & Pepper Rabbit


Rabbits naturally spawn in deserts, taiga, mega taiga, cold taiga and ice plains, as well as the "hills" and "mutated" variants of these biomes. They also spawn in flower forests. Rabbits spawn in groups of two or three; one adult and one or two babies. They have different skins that depend on the biome.

With the exception of deserts and ice plains/mountains/spikes, all the biomes that naturally spawn rabbits also spawn wolves. If left alone, wolves will quickly eat rabbits, so rabbits are generally more plentiful in desert and ice biomes.

Killer bunnies do not spawn naturally, and must instead be spawned using the /summon command, though they are exclusive to Java Edition.


Rabbits will drop upon death:

Common drops

  • 0–1 Rabbit Hides.
  • 0–1 Raw Rabbit if not killed by fire.
  • 0-1 Cooked Rabbit if killed by fire.
  • The maximum amount of rabbit hide and meat can be increased by 1 per level of Looting used, up to a maximum of 4.

Rare drops

Rabbits also have a 10% chance of dropping a  Rabbit's Foot upon death when killed by the player. The chance can be increased by 3% per level of Looting used, up to a maximum chance of 19%.


Rabbits hop around aimlessly instead of walking. They will slowly approach players holding carrots or flowers within 8 blocks. Rabbits will also jump off of cliffs to reach carrots, but will not go into lava for them. They will randomly flee around if struck. All non-hostile rabbits will avoid players within 8 blocks and avoid most hostile mobs within 4 blocks (except slimes, magma cubes, and ghasts). They will also avoid wolves within 10 blocks.

Rabbits will find and eat mature carrot crops. Eating of carrot crops will reduce the growth stage by one, only removing the crop completely if the growth stage is 0. If /gamerule mobGriefing is false, the rabbits won't do this.

Wild wolves will track down and kill any rabbits.


Rabbits can be bred with carrots, golden carrots, or flowers.

Baby rabbits will usually have the same type of fur as one of the parents (47.5% chance of each), but there is a 5% chance that the baby will instead have the fur type matching the current biome. Baby rabbits will grow up after 20 minutes, although its growth can be slowly accelerated using carrots; each use reduces 10% of the remaining time to grow up.

Despite its hostile nature, killer bunnies can breed with other rabbits, and with each other, having the usual chance of creating a baby killer bunny.

A Toast rabbit will not produce a Toast rabbit baby, however.

The Killer Bunny

115px-Killer Bunny alone

The Killer Bunny (previously known as The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, which is a reference to the scene in Monty Python's The Holy Grail) is a variant of the rabbit specific to Java Edition that is hostile to all players. Its fur is pure white with blood-red eyes that are horizontal, compared to a normal rabbit's vertical eyes. It can only be spawned using the /summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99} command. It appears with a nameplate over its head reading "The Killer Bunny".

If the killer bunny finds any player within a 16-block radius, it will hop very quickly towards the player, much faster than a normal rabbit. It moves in a style similar to that of a spider. Once it closes in, it will jump at the player, dealing a fair amount of damage. If the player strikes at the killer bunny, it will run away for a brief moment, then return to lunging at the player. Killer rabbits are also immune to the Thorns enchantment.

If it cannot find a player, the killer bunny will actively seek out and attack any wolves as well, including tamed wolves. These wolves will, in turn, attack the killer bunny, leading to a vicious fight.

On peaceful difficulty, the killer bunny will not despawn, despite its hostile nature. It will still attack wolves and tamed wolves but not the player.

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