Rainbow The Tiger

A tiger found in the Temple of the Rainbow Tiger by Shine and Nahal who appears in "Bungle in the Jungle".

Unlike Nahal, Rainbow is fully grown and has a somewhat intimidating appearance due to her size, though is just as friendly and playful as Nahal. Rainbow apparently lives within the Temple itself as Rainbow is knowledgeable about the traps and layout of the temple itself. Shine befriends Rainbow after helping remove a splinter from her paw and Rainbow helps Shine and Nahal escape the room they were trapped in by Zeta. Shine gives her the name Rainbow which she likes and is introduced to Leah and Shimmer after they all manage to escape the rooms they were trapped in. Rainbow helps show them the way out and playfully attacks the hanging cage that Zeta and Nazboo accidentally got trapped in, scaring Zeta, though Shine reveals she meant no harm and asks Rainbow to help free them, though Zeta is still terrified by Rainbow despite the tiger's friendly nature.

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