Romeo is an evil young mad scientist and a child prodigy who plans on world domination with robots, inventions or anything to make the world love him. He is considered the primary villain of the series.
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Official Website Description

Romeo: a marvel of mechanical mischief, Romeo is so wrapped up in his own genius as he attempts to launch his latest invention to capture the PJ Masks and take over the world! With his mobile laboratoryand many a gadget, PJ Masks have their work cut out but with teamwork and cooperation, Romeo's genius is no match for the PJ Masks!

Motive & Abilities


Romeo is the only villain in the series so far that has a clear ultimate motive: to take over the world. As mentioned in this article, he has built over a dozen different inventions such as the Pogo Dozer, Electromagnet and the Anti-Gravity Machine to assist him with his plan but has always failed.


Romeo doesn't possess the acrobatic and physical agility of Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos, nor the assistance of moths like Luna Girl, but he uses the power of knowledge and invention to help him take over the world.


Romeo is extremely intelligent for his age. He isn't very arrogant about it but is very bent on taking over the world. He has an intense dislike for the PJ Masks, but isn't extremely violent with them. He usually accepts his fate and flees when he knows he is defeated. 

Romeo has a Robot that performs tasks for him and brings him from place to place. Similar to how Luna Girl is with her moths, he can sometimes mistreat his robot and act stubborn towards his warnings about the PJ Masks. It could be possible that Robot is his only friend.

Physical Appearance

Romeo wears a white lab coat with a bag strapped to his back. Along with his coat, he wears teal covered gloves, gray boots, gray pants, and black goggles. Romeo has fair skin, blue eyes and a black spiky hairdo with a white streak.

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