Shimmer and Shine Roya the Peacock Character

Roya is Princess Samira's pet peacock, who always looks elegant and regal. Despite her sweet appearance, Roya shares a rivalry with Nahal and Tala. Unlike Shimmer and Shine's pets, Roya would much rather show off her feathers or practice walking gracefully than play or dance.


Roya has light purple feathers and darker purple wings. Her tail feathers are blue with pink heart shapes on them.


Season 2

  • "Welcome to Zahramay Falls"
  • "Bling, Bling" (referenced)
  • "Staffinated"
  • "Untamed Talent"
  • "The Crystal Queen"
  • "Zeta in Training" (referenced)
  • "Masquerade Charade" (referenced)

Season 3

  • "Rainbow Zahramay: Part 1" (referenced)
  • "Rainbow Zahramay: Part 2" (referenced)
  • "Samira and Zeta"
  • "Careful What You Wish For" (referenced)
  • "Pets to the Rescue" (upcoming)
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