The thirteenth season of the television series aired in January and February 2010 in the UK and began airing in the US in September of 2010. From this season onwards, all footage was CGI-animated.

Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon narrated all twenty episodes, but, like Hero of the Rails, voice actors provided the voices for the characters. Mark Moraghan later re-narrated one episode specially for the Santa's Little EngineDVD in 2013.


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"Creaky Cranky" 25th January 2010 #01
Cranky teases Thomas about being small, but when he breaks down it's up to Thomas to save him.
"The Lion of Sodor" 26th January 2010 #02
Thomas has to deliver The Lion of Sodor to Knapford, but he thinks that the lion is real and tries to feed it, but this only causes confusion and delay.
"Tickled Pink" 27th January 2010 #03
James is sent to the Steamworks to be repainted, but he is repainted into a pink livery to keep the water out of his paintwork and the other engines laugh at him.
"Double Trouble" 28th January 2010 #04
Thomas takes Sir Topham Hatt to his birthday party, or does he?
"Slippy Sodor" 29th January 2010 #05
Thomas is teased about his "funny funnel" and causes trouble for Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Bubbles.
"The Early Bird" 1st February 2010 #06
While Percy is at the Steamworks for repairs, Thomas must pull the mail, but he doesn't want to ask for his advice.
"Play Time" 2nd February 2010 #07
Charlie, the new engine, challenges Thomas to race him around the Island, causing Thomas to neglect his jobs.
"Thomas and the Pigs" 3rd February 2010 #08
Thomas is to bring straw to Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm for the piglets who are soon to be born, but Thomas thinks they'll like other things better.
"Time for a Story" 4th February 2010 #09
After ignoring warning signs about track repair, Thomas' trucks of books derail, so he brings the children to the books.
"Percy's Parcel" 5th February 2010 #10
After Percy ruins Dowager Hatt's birthday parcel, he hides in a siding. But when he overhears Mavis he gets an idea how to fix his mistake.
"Toby's New Whistle‎‎" 8th February 2010 #11
Toby's bell needs repairs, so he is given a very loud whistle while it's being mended.
"A Blooming Mess" 9th February 2010 #12
Emily thinks that Mavis needs to be cheered up, so she brings her some flowers, but winds up causing confusion and delay.
"Thomas and the Runaway Kite" 10th February 2010 #13
After Stephen and Bridget Hatt's kite flies away, Thomas tries to catch it, but realises that he needs to ask for help.
"Steamy Sodor" 11th February 2010 #14
When Thomas is put in charge of the Steamworks, havoc ensues.
"Splish Splash Splosh" 12th February 2010 #15
Thomas and Rosie play "Splish, Splash, Splosh", but when Thomas splashes Sir Topham Hatt and Alicia Botti he must put things right.
"The Biggest Present of All‎‎" 15th February 2010 #16
Hiro is visiting Sodor, and the Fat Controller is planning a welcome party for him. Thomas is told to tell the other engines, but looks for a present for Hiro instead.
"Snow Tracks" 16th February 2010 #17
Gordon is told to not go up any hills, but when he does, he creates a giant snowball.
"Henry's Good Deeds" 17th February 2010 #18
Henry attempts to help people but ends up scaring away the Sodor Warbler, a very famous bird.
"Buzzy Bees‎‎" 18th February 2010 #19
Thomas' special of bees escape when he goes by a flowery meadow. So he takes Hiro's flower truck to try to lure them back to their hive.
"Hiro Helps Out" 19th February 2010 #20
Hiro gives the engines orders when he thinks the Fat Controller is too busy to do it himself.
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