The eighteenth season of the television series began airing on 25 August 2014 in the UK and on 4 November 2014 in the US. It contained twenty-six episodes. Like the seventeenth season, six episodes were released on DVD in the US before airing on television. It concluded in the UK on 31 July 2015.


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"Old Reliable Edward" 25th August 2014 #01
Gordon likes to tease Edward for being old and unreliable. One day, he mistakes a pair of red trousers for a red flag and gets stuck on his hill. Edward manages to push him over, though Gordon doesn't even say "thank you". Fed up with his attitude, Edward and Thomas put together a plan to teach him a lesson.
"Not So Slow Coaches" 26th August 2014 #02
Annie and Clarabel often complain when Thomas is going too slow, or too fast. Thomas is being teasing them that he runs late. In a hurry, he them in the yard. Whilst he is away, Annie and Clarabel unexpectedly become part of Caitlin's high-speed train when Charlie accidentally shunts them behind her coaches.
"Flatbeds of Fear" 27th August 2014 #03
After hearing an eerie whistling noise, Salty tells Thomas a story of some flatbeds which he called the "Flatbeds of Fear." Thomas tells the story to Henry and Emily. Henry hears the noises whilst taking some pipes to Vicarstown, and refuses to budge, leaving Emily to take over, who is determined to find a sensible explanation.
"Disappearing Diesels" 28th August 2014 #04
Diesel, Den, Dart and Sidney hide from Paxton as a joke, but Paxton takes the joke too seriously and thinks the diesels have all disappeared. Desperately, he searches around the island in search of a diesel.
"Signals Crossed" 29th August 2014 #05
Toby is nervous of going through Knapford junction as he does not know which signal is his. All morning, he tries to get through but instead nearly gets hit by the other engines. Once he finally collects the workmen, nobody believes him when he says his signal is red.
"Toad's Adventure" 1st September 2014 #06
Toad is bored of hearing Oliver's story about how they escaped from scrap all the time. and wants his own story to tell. James agrees to take him on his goods train, and Toad has his own adventure on the main line.
"Duck in the Water" 2nd September 2014 #07
Duck puffs straight into a flood, which douses his fire. James is sent to rescue him, which makes him cross as he was to take a passenger train. In his impatience, he takes off before Rocky's crane arm is secured, leading to a signal being knocked down.
"Duck and the Slip Coaches" 3rd September 2014 #08
Duck likes telling the engines at Tidmouth Sheds about his days on the Great Western Railway. James tells the Fat Controller about Duck's slip coaches, only he claims it was his own idea. James gets to run with them the next day, but realises he doesn't have the expertise that Duck does and runs into trouble.
"Thomas the Quarry Engine" 4th September 2014 #09
Mavis is upset she doesn't get to see the sights of Sodor like the others do. Diesel offers to be her back engine, which means Thomas has to stay at the quarry, much to his dismay. He eventually finishes, but needs a back engine in order to take his train to the Docks. Thomas becomes fed up and tries to pull his train of stone alone.
"Thomas and the Emergency Cable" 5th September 2014 #10
Thomas meets a bird watcher who is looking for a rare bird. Along his journey, Thomas gets a shock as the bird watcher pulls the emergency cable, inside Annie, thinking he heard the rare bird. Annie develops a wheel flat and thus has to be taken to be repaired. Thomas becomes cross with the bird watcher for taking Annie out of commission, and refuses to stop at the station for him.
"Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger" 8th September 2014 #11
One of the passengers that boards Duncan's trains is very grumpy, and will complain about anything. Peter Sam isn't so sure he has nothing to complain about, so Duncan tries his best to stop him from complaining. However, by doing this, he makes everyone else grumpy.
"Marion and the Pipe" 9th September 2014 #12
Marion is repairing an embankment when she hits something in the ground. She thinks she's found an old Viking ship, but it turns out to be a water pipe which springs a leak. As the leak gets bigger and bigger, Marion is afraid to tell someone and tries to find a solution herself.
"Missing Gator" 10th September 2014 #13
Percy is missing his old friend Gator and begins to mope as he thinks about the times they had together. Percy tries not to think about him, but it only makes the matter worse. Later, when he goes to Ulfstead Castle to take some trucks of sculptures to the docks, they run down the hill and crash into Stephen's mine. To find the trucks, Percy must follow Gator's advice and venture inside, all on his own.
"No Steam Without Coal" 11th September 2014 #14
In a rush to beat his twin in a race, Ben forgets to collect the coal that had arrived at the docks. He and Bill continue to mess about, teasing Timothy about how he's the odd-one-out all the while. Eventually, Bill and Ben run out of coal and need Timothy's help.
"Spencer's VIP" 12th September 2014 #15
Spencer is taking a Deputy Minister to Sodor, but he ignores all the signals he encounters and he ends up travelling down Edward's branch line instead of the main line. This causes him to arrive at Knapford late, making the Deputy Minister cross. As he does not want to ride him on the return journey, all the engines want a chance to take him, and begin to show-off.
"Toad's Bright Idea" 15th September 2014 #16
Gator is waiting for his ship, but grows bored as there's nothing to do. That night, he is given the task of taking Oliver's train to the docks, as Oliver has broken down. He and Toad get acquainted, but Gator's lamp continuously stops working, and Toad keeps forcing him to turn it back on again. Gator becomes fed up and decides to leave him behind.
"Long Lost Friend" 23rd December 2014 #17
Gator returns to the island for Christmas. Thomas discovers Gator has returned, and excitedly tells Percy about it. Percy and Gator want to see each other again, but Percy keeps missing him as Gator mistakes where his delivery of rock salt is meant to go.
"Last Train for Christmas" 24th December 2014 #18
Connor has to take passengers home from the mainland, but some get left behind that want to return home in time for Christmas. Connor promises to come back for them, but the clock is ticking as all the other engines are starting to struggle to clear the tracks for him.
"Duncan the Humbug" 25th December 2014 #19
Duncan is grumbling at Christmas time and the engines begin to lose their Christmas spirit. In an attempt to fix the issue, Mr. Percival says that Duncan can be first in line for a new coat of paint if he stays cheery all day. Duncan tries to do just that, but he finds it more difficult than he thought.
"The Perfect Gift" 26th December 2014 #20
Whilst the rest of the island is being decorated for Christmas, the scrapyard still looks the same. Percy feels Reg is missing out on the holiday, so he tries to find a gift for him. However, every gift he gets doesn't seem to suit Reg's fancy.
"Emily Saves the World" 12th January 2015 (DVD)

27th July 2015 (TV)

Emily is down as she feels she's never had a special delivery, while everyone else around her as. Due to this, she gets very excited when she's asked to deliver a globe to the Animal Park. The strap break off and the globe starts rolling across the railway.
"Timothy and the Rainbow Truck"

"Timothy and the Rainbow Car"

12th January 2015 (DVD)

28th July 2015 (TV)

Bill and Ben send Timothy on a wild goose chase for a rainbow truck. Timothy searches for one, but cannot find one anywhere.
"Marion and the Dinosaurs" 12th January 2015 (DVD)

29th July 2015 (TV)

Marion is spooked by some lifelike dinosaur models, and thinks they are real dinosaurs. She runs all the way up to Ulfstead Castle, where she, Stephen and Millie discover it was all part of the Earl's new dinosaur park.
"Samson at Your Service" 12th January 2015 (DVD)

30th July 2015 (TV)

On his first night on Sodor, Samson ends up getting stuck at the Blue Mountain Quarry due to him being too proud to ask for help. Later, the Fat Controller tells him to take stone to the quarry. Various engines tease him for his mistake. Not wanting to make another one, he ends up taking Gordon's express coaches as he's too stubborn to listen.
"Samson Sent for Scrap" 12th January 2015 (DVD)

31st July 2015 (TV)

Scruff blows his gasket at Crocks Scrap Yard and Samson is told to take over Scruff's work. However, he takes his job a little too far as he collects everything that's beside the line, whether it's scrap or not, such as a postman's bicycle, Bertie's bus stop sign and the Fat Controller's car.
"Millie and the Volcano" 12th January 2015 (DVD)

31st July 2015 (TV)

Samson and Harvey are working at the Earl's new dinosaur park and Harvey nearly hits Millie with a dinosaur model's head. Millie is frightened and the two call her a scaredy engine for it. Insulted, she decides to teach them a lesson by using the model volcano, but she goes too far.


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  • The Best Friends Express
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