The nineteenth season of the television series first aired on 21st September 2015 in the UK and on 13th October 2015 in the US.


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"Who's Geoffrey?" 21st September 2015 #01
Thomas is late delivering a goods train to Brendam Docks. In his rush, he bumps into some trucks, causing chaos around the dockyard. Not wanting to get into trouble, Thomas blames his accident on a made-up engine called Geoffrey. The rumour spreads and soon everyone wants to meet Geoffrey.
"The Truth About Toby" 22nd September 2015 #02
Henrietta reminds Toby to fill up on coal, which makes him frustrated and forget to do so. He runs out at Crocks Scrap Yard, leaving him stuck with Reg. Edward sees him twice and Salty comes up with the idea that Toby is going to be scrapped. This is only supported by Reg lifting Toby up into the air to get their attention. The idea spreads and everyone believes Toby will soon be scrapped.
"Lost Property" 23rd September 2015 #03
The Fat Controller is anxious as two grumpy inspectors have come to inspect the railway, starting with Thomas. Everything seemed to be against him that day though and the inspectors are not impressed. The gold watch of one of the inspectors is found inside Annie. To prevent an even worse report, Thomas helps return the lost pocket watch to the railway inspector.
"Henry Spots Trouble" 24th September 2015 #04
After he sees the Fat Controller's grandchildren with chickenpox, Henry worries about catching the disease himself. This feeling grows stronger after he sees Thomas, Paxton and Gordon with spots that he thinks are due to chickenpox.
"Toad and the Whale" 14th March 2016 #05
Toad spots a stranded whale on the beach, but Duck and Oliver do not believe him. As Oliver puffs by Bluff's Cove again, he soon finds out that there is a whale and calls the Search and Rescue Team. However, the tide is too far out for the whale to be towed back to sea, but Toad has an idea to save the day.
"Very Important Sheep" 15th March 2016 #06
One night, Percy's mail run takes longer than usual and thus he is running too late to pick up Farmer McColl's sheep for the Maithwaite spring fair. While collecting his train, he biffs into the cattle truck too hard causing it to collide with a rail and make a hole in it. Every time Percy stops along his journey, his sheep escape by running out of the hole and Thomas, Annie and Clarabel find the sheep all along the branch line.
"Salty All At Sea" 16th March 2016 #07
Brendam Docks is quiet, so the Fat Controller tells Salty that he is going to a dockside on the Mainland to help out. Salty is delighted at first, until he is told the Vicarstown Bridge is under repair, so he will have to go by sea. His imagination runs away with him as he believes scary monsters will be out at sea, so he tries to keep himself busy in an attempt to stay on the island.
"Den and Dart" 17th March 2016 #08
Mavis has an accident at Anopha Quarry and is sent to the Dieselworks. Den is sent to take her place, while Dart has to stay at the Dieselworks. However, the two always work together and they fear being without the other.
"Helping Hiro" 18th March 2016 #09
Thomas does not wait for his load of pipes to be tied down at the shunting yards and when he rounds a sharp bend, the pipes fall off his flatbed and Hiro derails. Thomas feels guilty, especially when he fears the Steamworks will not have any spare parts for him. Wanting to help his friend, Thomas ventures into Hiro's old hideout to see if he can try to salvage some left behind parts for Hiro.
"Snow Place Like Home" 5th January 2016 #10
Emily's new piston rods are stranded at the depot. Wanting an excuse to have fun in the snow, Kevin goes out to find them. He soon gets stuck in the snow. Fearful of what has happened to his assistant, Victor goes out looking for him, despite his hatred of snow.
"The Beast of Sodor" 6th January 2016 #11
Spencer has to stay on Sodor for a while as the Vicarstown Bridge has been blocked. One night, he tells everyone he saved the Duke and Duchess from an abominable snowman, worrying Henry. The next morning, Spencer has to work with Henry. Spencer seizes this opportunity to tease him about an abominable snowman which causes Henry to become paranoid about meeting one.
"A Cranky Christmas" 4th January 2016 #12
Thomas is sent to take a special crate to the Town Square from the docks, but Cranky accidentally drops the crate and he hides it away from Thomas, so he cannot find it. Salty eventually finds it, but Thomas drops it again, before it is revealed what is really inside the crate.
"Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part One" 7th November 2016 (DVD)

26th December 2016 (TV)

Diesel starts causing trouble at Christmas time and he gets visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past.
"Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part Two" 7th November 2016 (DVD)

26th December 2016 (TV)

Diesel now meets up with two other ghostly engines. The Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future and he later finds the Fat Controller still at Knapford during the Earl's Christmas party at Ulfstead Castle.
"Slow Stephen" 14th March 2016 (DVD)

11th July 2016 (TV)

Stephen is a slow engine, but one day, when the Sodor Suspension Bridgecollapses, he tries to stop Gordon from crossing the bridge.
"Two Wheels Good" 14th March 2016 (DVD)

12th July 2016 (TV)

Spencer has to take the Duke and Duchess of Boxford to Castle Loch for Lord Callan's birthday and he, Thomas and Bertie start boasting about which amount of wheels are best, but Spencer's valve gear snaps, so the Duke and Duchess decide to ride in Thomas instead, who gets stuck behind a fallen tree, then they ride in Bertie who gets a wheel flat after driving over some nails laying in the road, then Mr. Percival calls Harold the helicopter so he can take them to Castle Loch.
"Reds vs. Blues" 14th March 2016 (DVD)

13th July 2016 (TV)

The Sodor United Football Team are having a match against Barrow football team and Thomas and James are sent to take them to Dryaw FC, but they start competing against one another to see who can get to Dryaw first, which causes confusion and delay.
"Best Engine Ever" 14th March 2016 (DVD)

14th July 2016 (TV)

Caitlin ends up getting stuck behind Emily who has broken down when she and Connor are having a race and Caitlin takes Emily to the Steamworks and she is amazed how fast Caitlin can go.
"The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead" 14th March 2016 (DVD)

15th July 2016 (TV)

A new diesel boxcab named Philip arrives on Sodor, who is very chatty and enthusiastic. He tries to prove to Gordon that he can go really fast and has a race with him, only to turn out that Gordon never actually took part.
"Philip to the Rescue" 14th March 2016 (DVD)

18th July 2016 (TV)

Philip starts showing-off to James saying that he is very strong, so James tries to prove him wrong, but he pulls far too many trucks which causes him to have an accident on a bridge and Philip sacrifices himself by making James land on his roof.
"Thomas the Babysitter" 24th October 2016 (DVD)

6th March 2017 (TV)

A mother and her noisy baby want to have a ride on Thomas' train, but the baby keeps crying which leads to irritation to Thomas and the passengers.
"Rocky Rescue" 24th October 2016 (DVD)

6th March 2017 (TV)

Henry has had an accident at the hill leading to Ulfstead Castle after hitting a fallen rock and Rocky is sent to help out, but his coupling snaps when the rock hits him and he plunges down the hill and derails and the Search and Rescue Team have to work together to put him back on the rails again.
"The Other Side of the Mountain" 24th October 2016 (DVD)

7th March 2017 (TV)

One day, when Thomas and Bertie race each other, Bertie takes a shortcut on the other side of a big mountain and Thomas is curious to find out what is on the other side of that big mountain.
"No Help At All" 24th October 2016 (DVD)

8th March 2017 (TV)

Bill and Ben say that Timothy is no help at all at the clay pits so they can have some fun, so Timothy is then sent to work at the docks to work with Porter who was on his own due to the fact that Salty had been sent to help out on the Mainland, Emily was being repaired at the Steamworks and Mavis was being repaired at the Dieselworks, but when Salty returns to Sodor, Timothy worries what the clay pits would look like during his arrival.
"Goodbye Fat Controller"

"Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt"

24th October 2016 (DVD)

9th March 2017 (TV)

Percy overhears some workmen talking and thinks the Fat Controller is leaving Sodor, so he and the other engines go on strike at Tidmouth Sheds.
"Wild Water Rescue" 24th October 2016 (DVD)

10th March 2017 (TV)

The Search and Rescue Team celebrate their one-thousandth rescue anniversary and Percy is sent to take the Mayor of Sodor to the centre, but Diesel is jealous and makes Percy go to an old disused quarry while he gets the job of taking the mayor. Percy however crashes into a flood and so does Diesel and the Search and Rescue Team come to the rescue.


  • Let's Go!
  • There's Snow Place Like Home
  • Race with You
  • Spring is Here!
  • Down by the Docks (different arrangement)
  • Engine Rollcall (different arrangement and footage)
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