The twenty-first season of the television series will start airing sometime in 2017.


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"Springtime for Diesel" Davey Moore 18th September 2017 #01
Daisy's springs need fixing after Diesel bumps her.
"A Most Singular Engine" Davey Moore 19th September 2017 #02
Diesel causes trouble between Daisy and Harvey by spreading rumours.
"Dowager Hatt's Busy Day" Lee Pressman 20th September 2017 #03
Dowager Hatt runs the railway, while Sir Topham Hatt is away.
"Stuck in Gear" Davey Moore 21st September 2017 #04
A branch gets stuck in the gears of Harvey's crane.
"Runaway Engine" TBA 22nd September 2017 #05
Stephen thinks that Millie ran away after hurting her feelings.
"PA Problems" Lee Pressman 25th September 2017 #06
The Fat Controller's new public address system causes havoc.
"Hasty Hannah" Lee Pressman 26th September 2017 #07
A new coach temporarily replaces Henrietta while she is at the works.
"Cranky at the End of the Line" Lee Pressman 27th September 2017 #08
Cranky thinks he will be replaced by a newer, shinier crane.
"New Crane on the Dock" Lee Pressman 28th September 2017 #09
Cranky competes against Carly the new crane when she starts taking all his work.
"Unscheduled Stops" TBA 29th September 2017 #10
Thomas starts making unscheduled stops for his passengers, which in turn delays others.
"Philip's Number" Lee Pressman 2nd October 2017 #11
Philip tries to discover why he has the number 68 painted on his side after being teased about it.
"The Fastest Red Engine on Sodor" TBA 3rd October 2017 #12
After Rosie is repainted red, she and James have a race.
"A Shed for Edward" TBA 4th October 2017 #13
When Edward's shed is being repaired he is first sent to Philip's shed, then the Steamworks, then Brendam Docks, but they are all too noisy for him to get a good night's sleep!
"Terence Breaks the Ice" Lee Pressman TBA TBA
Terence takes a shortcut accross a frozen lake while collecting Christmas trees for the holiday market.
"Emily in the Middle" Davey Moore TBA TBA
Emily gets stuck in the middle while helping bickering brothers, Donald and Douglas clear away snow.
"Daisy's Perfect Christmas" Davey Moore TBA TBA
Daisy is sad when Christmas doesn't go as planned.
"Confused Coaches" TBA TBA TBA
Spencer and Gordon upset their passengers when their competitive behavior gets out of hand.
"The Big Freeze" TBA TBA TBA
When a big freeze hits Sodor, Diesel finally proves himself to be a hero.
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