• Shimmer (voiced by Eva Bella U.S. version and Mia Wiltshire in the UK version) – An optimistic genie with blue eyes and pink hair. She is enthusiastic and encouraging. She loves cleaning, glitter, and collecting genie bottles.
  • Shine (voiced by Isabella Cramp U.S. version and Ellie Simons in Season 1 and Mia Hope in Season 2 in the UK version) – A courageous genie with purple eyes and blue hair. She is an animal lover and is often hungry.
  • Leah (voiced by Alina Foley U.S. version and Claudia Burns in the UK version) – A blonde girl with green eyes who owns a genie bottle, which includes Shimmer and Shine. Although Shimmer and Shine usually mess up her wishes, Leah is patient and forgiving with them. Originally, she was forced to keep her genies existence a secret from her close friend Zac,
  • Zac (voiced by Blake Bertrand U.S. version and Innis Robertson-Pinnell in the UK version) – Leah's neighbor and best friend. In the first season, he is oblivious to the fact that Leah has genies.. In the second season, he learns that Leah has genies after he and Leah are accidentally transported to Zahramay Falls by one of Zeta's spells, though takes the news in stride and is enthusiastic about it. Princess Samira grants his and Leah's wish to be able to visit Zahramay Falls whenever they want. Princess Samira later assigns Kaz to be his genie. Like Leah, he wears a genie disguise while visiting Zahramay Falls.
  • Zeta the Sorceress (voiced by Lacey Chabert U.S. and UK version) – A resident of Zahramay Falls who wishes to be the most powerful person in Zahramay Falls (more powerful than any genie) and is the series first antagonist. Unlike most of the residence of Zahramay Falls, Zeta is a Sorceress instead of a genie, as she has no desire to grant the wishes of others. Her plans are almost always thwarted by Shimmer, Shine, and Leah.
  • Princess Samira (voiced by Nikki SooHoo U.S. version and Cariad Lloyd in the UK version) – The ruler of Zahramay Falls, who is in charge of checking up on all the genies in training. She can grant wishes along with the younger genies. She occasionally rewards genies with magic Genie Gems that produce a variety of magical effects depending on the type of gem. She may also task genies with obtaining a particular gem. Though humans are normally not allowed in Zahramay Falls, she makes an exception for Zac and Leah after they are accidentally transported there by one of Zeta's spells.
  • Kaz (voiced by Jet Jurgensmeyer U.S. version and Harrison Noble in the UK version) – A genie in training who lives in Zahramay Falls who appears in Season 2 as Zac's genie. In contrast to Zac's easy-going and adventurous personality, Kaz is more cautious and scares easily.. In "Zany Ziffilon", he reveals his desire to have a Ziffilon as his magical pet and Zac wishes for a Ziffilon for Kaz. As a result, Kaz gains a pet Ziffilon which he names Zain.
  • Empress Caliana - (also referred to as Queen Caliana) is Princess Samira's mentor who was first mentioned by Samira in "Bling Bling" when she reveals her teacher was the one who gave Samira her special necklace back when she was studying under Caliana as a genie-in-training. Empress Caliana makes her first appearance in "The Crystal Queen" where Leah and her genies seek Caliana's help when Zeta seals Samira in a crystal deep inside the Caliana Caves which contain crystals that absorb wishing magic. Empress Caliana guides them to the Caliana Caves which were named after Empress Caliana after she discovered them when she was a little girl. Together with Leah and her genies, they manage to find and free Princess Samira. She is very powerful and can use magic capable of effecting and even transforming the crystals within Caliana Caves into other objects like ornate bridges and stairs. She is also old friends with Rohan, the normally shy crystalline golem that guards the caves.
  • Layla – An Ice Genie who appears in "Freeze-amay Falls". She possesses an ice gem necklace that gives her freezing powers and keeps her body cold. She originally lived in a genie bottle buried on a sandy beach in Zahramay Falls, but it was accidentally broken by Leah and her genies. Her necklace is briefly stolen by Zeta, though she is later forced to give it back to Layla when its power freezes Zeta. Leah and her genies later help Layla find a new home and end up selecting the Ice Palace from "Snow Place We'd Rather Be" as Layla's new home. Despite getting her necklace back, she decides to keep the large Shiver Cone (ice cream Cone) Leah and her genies gave her to wear on her head to keep her cool, as she found it to be the perfect hat for an Ice Genie like herself. In "Bling Bling", it is mentioned she has become friends with Princess Samira. In "Frosty Fun", she briefly appears as the beginning of the episode building a giant snowman with Leah and her genies.
  • Shaya – A Lightning Genie in training who appears in "Lightning in a Bottle". He rides around on a flying cloud-board and can generate magical lightning. Leah and her genies help him catch a run away magic lightning bolt he created while practicing his magic. Though he is reluctant to work with Leah and her genies at first, he eventually learns the value of teamwork from them. In "Zoomicorn Toss", he participates in the Zoomicorn Toss Tournament along with Leah, Shimmer, Shine, Kaz, Zac, and Zeta, but fails to make it past the first round.
  • Nila – A mermaid who lives in the waters near Zahramay Falls that Leah and her genies befriend in "Mermaid Mayhem". When Leah uses up all her wishes, preventing Leah and her Genies from returning to their non-mermaid selves, she assists Leah and her genies in acquiring the Mermaid Gem, which allows its user to transform into a mermaid and back. She is almost like Zeta.
  • Guardian of the Mermaid Gem – The guardian of the Mermaid Gem is a mermaid with octopus-like tentacles instead of a fish tail, who acts as a minor antagonist in "Mermaid Mayhem", as she guards the Mermaid Gem that Leah and her genies require to return to their non-mermaid selves. Originally described as a sea monster by Nila, it is revealed that her sea monster persona is actually just a facade and the guardian is actually just lonely mermaid who keeps the Mermaid Gem in her cave so people will visit her. Nila, Leah, and the genies offer to be her friends and Shimmer decorates her cave with sea-stars to lighten up her cave. Happy to have made friends, she gives the Mermaid Gem to Leah and her genies so they can visit her and Nila.
  • Zia & Niva - Two mischievous Frost sprite siblings who appear in "Frosty Fun". They live in the snowy forest near Layla's Ice Palace and end up following Leah and her genies back to Shimmer & Shine's palace where they end up causing trouble with the freezing magic while competing with one another in various winter games, forcing Leah to use her wishes to undo their magic. Eventually they end up creating a large snowball while playing Snow Pins and Snowballs, which they end up getting trapped as it rolls, forcing Leah and her genies to work together to save them after they fall off the cloud that Shimmer and Shine's palace floats on. Afterwards they apologize for the trouble they cause and end up befriending Leah and her genies.


  • Tala (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker U.S. and UK version) – Shimmer's pet gibbon monkey.[citation needed] She has green eyes and wears white pearls, like Shimmer does. Tala is shown to be a talented dancer in both "Happy Wishaversary" (when she plays a dancing video game with Zac) and in "Untamed Talent" (where she dances at the Zahramay Falls Pet Talent Show).
  • Nahal (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker U.S. and UK version) – Shine's white Bengal tiger[citation needed] cub. She wears pink jewels and a gold circlet, like Shine does. In "Untamed Talent" it is revealed that Nahal has a talent for playing the keyboard. Humorously she is shown to be better at playing the keyboard when she was distracted by a magical feather that Zeta tried to use in an attempt to distract her and ruin her performance.
  • Nazboo (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker U.S. and UK version) – Zeta's pet dragon, who caters to her every need and acts as Zeta's underling. He is somewhat clumsy and often accidentally causes Zeta's schemes to backfire. He can also get easily distracted by food and/or anything that piques his interest. He also enjoys getting occasional tummy rub from Zeta. Despite being Zeta's underling, he is shown to get along well with Tala in "Lost and Found".
  • Roya (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker U.S. and UK version) – Princess Samira's pet peacock, who resides in her palace. In "The Crystal Queen", Roya defends Samira's palace from Zeta and Nazboo when they attempt to take up residence there after Zeta imprisons Samira in the Caliana Caves. After Samira is freed, Zeta willingly leaves the palace in order to get away from Roya.
  • Parisa – A Zahramay Fox that Leah befriends in "Now You See Her". After helping Leah and her genies foil Zeta's plan to use a camouflage potion to steal their Genie Gems and having bonded with Leah, Parisa becomes Leah's magical pet. As Parisa is a magical creature, Leah uses one of her wishes to create a place for Parisa to live near the fountain in the courtyard of Shimmer and Shine's palace which appears small on the outside, yet big on the inside. As Parisa is a Zahramay Fox, she possesses the ability to camouflage herself, making her practically invisible. This ability makes her incredibly stealthy to the point she was able to covertly follow Zeta and Nazboo to Shimmer and Shine's palace while they were under the effects of Zeta's camouflage potion. In "Untamed Talent", Parisa reveals she has a talent for painting.
  • Zain – Kaz's pet Ziffilon (a griffin-like creature) which first appeared in "Zany Ziffilon". When Kaz reveals he had always wanted a pet Ziffilon, Zac uses one of his wishes to wish up a Ziffilon for Kaz. However the Ziffilon becomes scared of its new surroundings and flees, forcing Kaz, Zac, Leah, and her genies to chase the frightened Ziffilon through Zahramay Falls. Eventually Kaz manages to befriend the Ziffilon after feeding it Zlam Berries. After it agrees to become Kaz's pet, Kaz names it Zain. Zain is by far the largest of the pets, as it is big enough for Kaz to ride on its back.
  • Rohan - The Guardian of the Caliana Caves who appears to be a crystalline golem. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is actually a shy, gentle giant. However in "The Crystal Queen", Zeta's spell causes him to become aggressive to the point he attacked Queen Caliana, Leah, and her genies when they came to free Princess Samira who had been sealed inside a crystal atop Rohan's head. Shimmer and Shine manage to remove Zeta's enchantment and Rohan returns to his normal self.
  • Chicken – A giant chicken with green feathers that Zeta accidentally created when she used Samira's magic staff on a tree in "Staffinated", which she uses to terrorize the citizens of Zahramay Falls. However the chicken is turned into a normal sized chicken by one of Leah's wishes and humorously tries to befriend Samira's pet, Roya. It appears as a background character in "Lightning in a Bottle".
  • Rocket (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker U.S. and UK version) – Zac's pet dog. His tendency to drool and chew on things often causes trouble. He has encountered Shimmer, Shine, Tala and Nahal at various times in the Season 1.
  • Gobi the Glob - An animated glob of Gooey Gummy Genie Jelly candy accidentally created by Leah and her genies in "The Glob" when a piece of Gooey Gummy Genie Jelly fell into a potion that had spilled when a storm called a Glitternado hit Shimmer and Shine's palace. Named by Leah, Gobi is both friendly and curious, but is also very sticky, which causes objects and people to stick to him quite easily. He is shown to have a naïve and childlike personality. He is also quite bouncy and can stretch his arms, though his stickiness can sometimes cause problems. However when the Glitternado hits Zahramay Falls Market Place, he helps Leah and her genies rescue some genies that had gotten pulled into the storm by using his stickiness to grab onto the two genies, saving them.
  • The Pigs - Two piglets that first appeared in "What a Pig Mess" when Leah's genies mistakenly summoned when Leah wished for Pigs in blankets. They made a brief cameo in "Abraca-Genie", where they appeared along with several other animals that appeared out of Zack's Magic Hat that had been made magical by one of Leah's wishes in an attempt to help Zack's magic act and are later seen in Zack's house after Zack had successfully made them disappear without the help of Leah and her genies. In "Escape Goat", it is revealed that they live in a Petting Zoo along with Sprinkles the Goat. Zack also reveals that the male pig is named Oninkers and the female is named Pinkie. Oninkers and Pinkie help Zack in perfecting his pig calling for the pig calling contest.
  • Nopal – A friendly alien with magical powers who appears in "Spaceship Wrecked". Leah and her genies meet him, his spaceship is accidentally summoned by one of Leah's wishes. Like Shimmer and Shine, Nopal possess magic powers and can levitate in the air. Nopal also possesses special alien magic such as teleportation. After another wish mistake breaks Nopal spaceship, Leah and her genies work to fix his spaceship, however they are unable to fix it themselves. When Zac shows up, Leah introduce him to Nopal without revealing her genies existence or involvement to Zac. After learning that Nopal's spaceship is broken, Zac takes a look and manages to fix it. Nopal uses his powers on Zac's walkie-talkie allowing him and Nopal to communicate. Nopal also teaches Shimmer how to use alien teleportation magic.
  • Mr. Crab – A hermit crab who claimed Zac's Dream Shell in "Ahoy, Genies!" and was referred to as Claude by Zac. He refused to give up his shell to Zac and even manages to beat Zac in a staring contest for ownership of it. In another episode, he was caught by Shimmer and Shine while fishing and is referred to as Mr. Crab. In "Santa's Little Genies", he befriends Santa Claus when he is accidentally transported to an island by one of Leah's wishes and Santa even offered Mr. Crab the option of coming to work for him at the North Pole.
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