• Shimmer (voiced by Eva Bella) – An optimistic genie with blue eyes and pink hair. She is enthusiastic and encouraging. She loves cleaning, glitter, and collecting genie bottles. Her pet is a gibbon monkey named Tala.
  • Shine (voiced by Isabella Cramp) – A courageous genie with purple eyes and blue hair. She is an animal lover and is often hungry. Her pet is a Bengal tiger cub named Nahal. Due to her love of animals, she is very knowledgeable about the behaviors of magical creatures native to Zahramay Falls. Unlike her sister, she dislikes cleaning. A running gag involves Shine saying "It's like I always say..." only to humorously reveal that she has just made up whatever she says next.
  • Leah (voiced by Alina Foley) – A blonde girl with green eyes who owns a genie bottle, which includes Shimmer and Shine.[5]Although Shimmer and Shine usually mess up her wishes, Leah is patient and forgiving with them. Originally, she was forced to keep her genies existence a secret from her close friend Zac, but revealed her secret to him after being transported to Zahramay Falls. In the second season, Princess Samira grants Leah and Zac's wish to visit Zahramay Falls whenever they want. While visiting her genies in Zahramay Falls, Leah magically dons a genie disguise in order to blend in, as humans are normally not allowed in Zahramay Falls.
  • Zac (voiced by Blake Bertrand) – Leah's neighbor and best friend. In the first season, he is oblivious to the fact that Leah has genies. Whenever something strange or unusual happens, he responds to it in a carefree manner. He also has a habit of telling humorous experiences he has had to Leah. In the second season, he learns that Leah has genies and gets a genie of his own named Kaz.
  • Zeta the Sorceress (voiced by Lacey Chabert) – A resident of Zahramay Falls who is Princess Samira's rival and wishes to replace her as the most powerful person in Zahramay Falls. Zeta is a sorceress instead of a genie, as she has no desire to grant the wishes of others. Her plans are almost always thwarted by Shimmer, Shine, and Leah. However, her own arrogance and ignorance can cause her to foil her own schemes as well.
  • Princess Samira (voiced by Nikki SooHoo) – The ruler of Zahramay Falls, who is in charge of checking up on all the genies in training. She can grant wishes along with the younger genies. She occasionally rewards genies with magic Genie Gems that can have a variety of magical effects. She acts as Shimmer and Shine's mentor and teacher. Despite Zeta being her self-proclaimed rival, Samira likes Zeta and is willing to give her a second chance at becoming a genie-in-training.
  • Kaz (voiced by Jet Jurgensmeyer) – A genie in training who becomes Zac's genie in the second season. In contrast to Zac's easy-going and adventurous personality, Kaz is more cautious and scares easily. Despite their contrasting personalities, Zac and Kaz work well together. Like most genies in Zahramay Falls, he has his own magic carpet. Kaz has a pet Ziffilon named Zain, who was given to him by Zac.
  • Empress Caliana (voiced by Barbara Eden) – Princess Samira's famous, semi-retired mentor. Caliana was the one who gave Samira her special necklace back when she was a genie-in-training. Empress Caliana was a great explorer when she was a little girl and made many groundbreaking discoveries, such as finding the Caliana Caves. She is also old friends with Rohan, the normally shy crystalline golem that guards the caves.
  • Captain Zora (voiced by Kellie Pickler) – A pirate genie who is Shine's idol. She is absentminded at times and can be very clumsy and forgetful, especially when she is on an adventure. She owns a flying pirate ship that she sometimes accidentally docks in odd places. Shine loves pirate genies and Captain Zora is her favorite of them all, so she gets very nervous and sometimes cannot talk clearly when she is around Zora.
  • Layla (voiced by Danica McKellar) – An ice genie who is a good friend of Princess Samira. She possesses an ice gem necklace that gives her freezing powers and keeps her body cold. She originally lived in a genie bottle buried on a sandy beach in Zahramay Falls, but it was accidentally broken by Leah and her genies. She currently lives in an ice palace.
  • Shaya (voiced by Kin Santiago) – A lightning genie in training who rides around on a flying cloud-board and can generate magical lightning. Leah and her genies help him catch a run away magic lightning bolt he created while practicing his magic. Though he is reluctant to work with Leah and her genies at first, he eventually learns the value of teamwork from them.
  • Nila (voiced by Mila Brener) – A mermaid who lives in the waters near Zahramay Falls. Leah and her genies befriend Nila after being sent by Princess Samira to find the magical mermaid gem.
  • Zia & Niva - Two mischievous Frost sprite siblings who appear in "Frosty Fun". They live in the snowy forest near Layla's Ice Palace and end up following Leah and her genies back to Shimmer & Shine's palace where they end up causing trouble with the freezing magic while competing with one another in various winter games, forcing Leah to use her wishes to undo their magic. Eventually they end up creating a large snowball while playing Snow Pins and Snowballs, which they end up getting trapped as it rolls, forcing Leah and her genies to work together to save them after they fall off the cloud that Shimmer and Shine's palace floats on. Afterwards they apologize for the trouble they cause and end up befriending Leah and her genies
  • Dalia - A genie who works as a Magic Carpet vendor and designer in Zahramay Falls whom Shimmer looks up to who appears in "Carpet Troubles". During the episode, Shimmer introduces her to Leah and she shows the girls where she designs and makes carpets, even offering to let Shimmer give carpet making a try. When Shimmer fails, Dalia tells her it was a good first try and not to get discouraged.
  • Imma - The Waterfall Genie who rules over Rainbow Zahramay a land beyond the rainbow waterfall of Zahramay Falls and is introduced in the Season 3 episode "Rainbow Zahramay". She is responsible for maintaining the rainbow color water source that provided water to the rainbow waterfall which is apparently the source of magic in Zahramay Falls. Imma possesses a staff that can open and close the color gates from which the water flows, however Lili and Sai Imma's pet Ziffilon cubs viewing Imma's staff as a toy take it and use it to close the purple gate causing a purple mist to remove magic from genies and flying carpets in Zahramay Falls, forcing Princess Samira to send Leah and her genies to investigate the problem and assist Imma in resolving it. Imma is happy to meet them and wants to get to know them better, though is forced to focus on resolving the problem first by finding her staff. While searching for it she introduces the girls to Lili and Sai before they return to searching, when Leah notices the Ziffilons with a Staff which she guesses to be Imma's who confirms it. Lili and Sai playful start closing other gates, thinking it is game, causing different color mist that causes out of control magic effects from blue shooting stars, bouncy green ground, red chickens, etc. in both Zahramay Falls and Rainbow Zahramay. After they close the final gate, Imma reveals that now that the water has nowhere to go it will cause its container to burst if it isn't released and tries to get the frightened Lili and Sai to bring her the staff, but in their panic the young Ziffilons break the staff while hastily trying to remove it from the final lock. Leah and her genies get the idea to have Lili and Sai who can fly to restore flow to the rainbow falls to prevent the impending disaster and undoing the effects of the out of control magic mist, restoring Shimmer and Shine's wish magic allowing Leah to make a wish to fix Imma's staff. She later visits Zahramay Falls with Leah and her genies and speaks with Princess Samira who decides to allow Leah, her genies, as well as Zac and Kaz to explore Rainbow Zahramay, but Kaz is reluctant due to the danger but agrees after some encouragement from Samira and Zac, though Kaz's much older pet Ziffilon Zain flies off, apparently to scared to go and causes Kaz to state that Zain may need more time to think about it.
  • Ayla - A genie who runs a hair salon in Rainbow Zahramay and appears in "Hairdos and Don'ts". She has a magic comb that she wears in her hair that allows her to change the hair of anyone including herself. Leah, Shimmer, and Shine meet her while exploring the market place in Rainbow Zahramay. She gives Leah and her genies gems that change the wearer's hair color just by thinking of the color they want. Ayla offers to show them around the market place, however they are followed by Zeta and Nazboo who decided to spy on Leah and her Genies after coming to Rainbow Zahramay to buy potions. Zeta decides to steal Ayla's comb in order to use it to easily disguise herself. While showing them around Ayla hears a song she likes and convinces Leah and her genies to dance, changing her hair into a bob style she calls her dancing hair. Zeta tries take the opportunity to steal the comb, but trips while dancing and fails. Eventually Nazboo manages to steal the comb without Ayla noticing, allow Zeta to disguise herself as other genies to take things without anyone being the wiser. Ayla eventually discovers her comb is missing and reveals she needs to find it as she needs it for her hair salon as without it she won't be able to change her customer's hair. Leah makes a wish which causes the comb to emit fireworks allowing them to find the disguised Zeta and Nazboo who flee. Zeta uses the comb's magic to make other people in the market place have Zeta's hair style to escape. However Ayla, Leah, and her genies get the idea to use Ayla's hair color changing gems to disguise themselves and trick Zeta into thinking they are genies running a potion shop, allowing Shimmer and Shine to take the comb back. Ayla then takes Leah and her genies to continue showing them around the marketplace, while Zeta attempts to make a potion using Shampoo from Ayla's shop to change her hair without the comb only to trap herself her hair screaming for Nazboo, who had walked off with Ayla, Leah, and her genies.
  • Minu - A Flitter Genie a small fairy-like genie who acts as caretaker of the garden in Rainbow Zahramay where the Lumos Tree grows and appears in "Flower Power". As a Flitter Genie has the power to make flowers bloom and plants glow. Leah and her genies meet Minu when they visit the garden to see the Lumos Tree glow in the dark which occurs once a year. However when Leah and her genies have trouble following Minu when she guides them around, Leah wishes to be small and fly around like her, causes Leah and her genies to shrink down and gain butterfly wings like Minu. When Minu shows them the gem that causes the Lumos Tree to glow, she drops it and it is taken by squirrel. They discover the squirrel loves sparkly things and Leah uses her last wish to make the squirrels home sparkle even more than the gem, causing the squirrel who the girls call Miss Squirrel to give them the gem and gives them a ride back to the Lumos Tree. However Leah remembers that since she made her last wish she can't turn herself and her genies back to their normal size, but Minu states she knows a thing or two about making things grow and creates three flowers that Leah and her Genies step on which transform them back to normal.
  • Guardian of the Mermaid Gem – The guardian of the Mermaid Gem is a mermaid with octopus-like tentacles instead of a fish tail, who acts as a minor antagonist in "Mermaid Mayhem", as she guards the Mermaid Gem that Leah and her genies require to return to their non-mermaid selves. Originally described as a sea monster by Nila, it is revealed that her sea monster persona is actually just a facade and the guardian is actually just lonely mermaid who keeps the Mermaid Gem in her cave so people will visit her. Nila, Leah, and the genies offer to be her friends and Shimmer decorates her cave with sea-stars to lighten up her cave. Happy to have made friends, she gives the Mermaid Gem to Leah and her genies so they can visit her and Nila.

Animals & Other Creatures

All animals in the series are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

  • Tala – Shimmer's pet gibbon monkey.[6] She has green eyes and wears white pearls, like Shimmer does. Tala is shown to be a talented dancer.
  • Nahal – Shine's white Bengal tiger cub.[7] She wears pink jewels and a gold circlet, like Shine does. She has a talent for playing the keyboard.
  • Nazboo – Zeta's pet dragon, who caters to her every need and acts as Zeta's underling. He is somewhat clumsy and often accidentally causes Zeta's schemes to backfire. He can also get easily distracted by food or anything that piques his interest. He also enjoys getting an occasional tummy rub from Zeta.
  • Roya – Princess Samira's pet peacock, who resides in her palace. Roya is the polar opposite of Shimmer and Shine's pets, as she would much rather show off her feathers or practice walking gracefully than play or dance. Unlike Samira, Roya has a strong dislike for Zeta and Nazboo. Once a year, she sheds a special feather with the ability to repair any magical object.
  • Parisa – Leah's pet Zahramay fox who possesses the ability to camouflage herself, making her practically invisible, whenever she wants. She also has a talent for painting. Parisa is introduced midway through the second season in the episode "Now You See Her". She befriends Leah while she was on a picnic with her genies and their pets, and ends up playing hide-and-seek with Leah, however she is found by Zeta who dips Parisa's paw into a potion as it is the ingredient she needs to create a camouflage potion which Zeta planned to use to sneak into Shimmer and Shine's place to steal their collection of genie gems. However Parisa using her camouflage to secret follow the camouflaged Zeta and Nazboo when they steal Shimmer and Shine's carpet. Unaware of what happened with Zeta, Leah is forced to leave and apologizes to Parisa for leaving before finishing their game to chase after the runaway carpet unaware it is being used by Zeta and Nazboo. After Leah and her genies return to the palace they are met by Parisa and Shine reveals that Parisa is a Zahramay Foxes and her ability to camouflage. Eventually, they discover the camouflaged Nazboo and as Dragons can't camouflage naturally, Shimmer and Shine realize Zeta must have made a potion using Parisa. Leah uses one of her wishes to cover Zeta in glitter to make her visible and Parisa helps stop Zeta from fleeing with the gems, causing her and Nazboo to leave. Leah wants to return Parish back to where she found her, but Parisa refuses to leave her and it is decided that Parisa will be Leah's magical pet. Leah wishes for a place for Parisa to live at Shimmer and Shine's palace which results in a house for Parisa that looks small on the outside but big on the inside to appear in the palace courtyard.
  • Zain – Kaz's pet Ziffilon (a griffin-like creature). Kaz had always wanted a pet Ziffilon before getting Zain, so Zac uses one of his wishes to wish up a Ziffilon for Kaz in "Zany Ziffilon". Like most Ziffilons, Zain favorite food is Zlam Berries and originally lived on Ziffilon Island before being summoned to Zahramay Falls by Zac's wish for Kaz. Due to his unfamiliar surroundings Zain was quite fearful at first and Kaz's nervousness made matters worse when he nervously yelled at the Ziffilon to calm down. However Kaz managed to do better when they followed Zain to the marketplace and Zain smelled some Zlam Berries however an incident causes him to fly off in fear once more. However Kaz manages to befriend him after saving Zain from falling when his wings froze up due to flying near the cold mountains and Kaz calms him down then uses heat magic to warm up Zain's wings allowing him to fly. Together the two end up saving Zac when he falls off of the magic carpet he was riding while watching Kaz ride on Zain's back. Afterwards Kaz decides he is not ready for a pet and tries to let Zain go, but Zain refuses to and even agrees to be Kaz's pet and agrees with Kaz's selected name Zain. Zain is by far the largest of the pets, as he is big enough for Kaz to ride on its back. In contrast to his large size, Zain is even more easily scared and frightened than his owner as shown in the episode "The Mysterious Tower" when it was easily frightened by the prospect of going into the mysterious tower, though reluctantly followed Zac, Kaz, Leah, and her genies into the tower while Nahal, Tala, and Parisa remained behind at the palace. Ironically Zain's calls inadvertently cause Zac to turn into a half Ziffilon monster due to the cursed Ziffilon pendant he found in the tower, causing Zac to shift between forms each time Zain cried out in fear. Eventually Kaz managed to figure out along with Leah and her genies though they where unable to tell Zac and Kaz what they found out about the necklace due to being scared by the sudden appearance of Zac's Ziffilon monster form. In "Rainbow Zahramay", Zain is even more reluctant to go to Rainbow Zahramay with Zac, Kaz, Leah, and her genies to the point he flies off, causing Kaz to state it may take Zain some more time to think about it.
  • Rohan - The Guardian of the Caliana Caves who appears to be a crystalline golem. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is actually a shy, gentle giant. However, in "The Crystal Queen", Zeta's spell causes him to become aggressive to the point he attacked Queen Caliana, Leah, and her genies when they came to free Princess Samira who had been sealed inside a crystal atop Rohan's head. Shimmer and Shine manage to remove Zeta's enchantment and Rohan returns to his normal self.
  • Gobi the Glob - An animated glob of Gooey Gummy Genie Jelly candy accidentally created by Leah and her genies in "The Glob" when a piece of Gooey Gummy Genie Jelly fell into a potion that had spilled when a storm called a Glitternado hit Shimmer and Shine's palace. Named by Leah, Gobi is both friendly and curious, but is also very sticky, which causes objects and people to stick to him quite easily. He is shown to have a naïve and childlike personality. He is also quite bouncy and can stretch his arms, though his stickiness can sometimes cause problems. However, when the Glitternado hits Zahramay Falls Market Place, he helps Leah and her genies rescue some genies that had gotten pulled into the storm by using his stickiness to grab onto the two genies, saving them.
  • The Pigs - Two piglets that first appeared in "What a Pig Mess" when Leah's genies mistakenly summoned when Leah wished for Pigs in blankets. They made a brief cameo in "Abraca-Genie", where they appeared along with several other animals that appeared out of Zack's Magic Hat that had been made magical by one of Leah's wishes in an attempt to help Zack's magic act and are later seen in Zack's house after Zack had successfully made them disappear without the help of Leah and her genies. In "Escape Goat", it is revealed that they live in a Petting Zoo along with Sprinkles the Goat. Zack also reveals that the male pig is named Oninkers and the female is named Pinkie. Oninkers and Pinkie help Zack in perfecting his pig calling for the pig calling contest.
  • Nopal – A friendly alien with magical powers who appears in "Spaceship Wrecked". Leah and her genies meet him, his spaceship is accidentally summoned by one of Leah's wishes. Like Shimmer and Shine, Nopal possess magic powers and can levitate in the air. Nopal also possesses special alien magic such as teleportation. After another wish mistake breaks Nopal spaceship, Leah and her genies work to fix his spaceship, however they are unable to fix it themselves. When Zac shows up, Leah introduce him to Nopal without revealing her genies existence or involvement to Zac. After learning that Nopal's spaceship is broken, Zac takes a look and manages to fix it. Nopal uses his powers on Zac's walkie-talkie allowing him and Nopal to communicate. Nopal also teaches Shimmer how to use alien teleportation magic.
  • Zoomicorns - Zoomicorns are flying unicorn-like animals native to Zahramay Falls that first appeared "Snow Place We'd Rather Be" when they save Leah and her genies from falling after their magic carpet froze while they where searching for the Ice Palace. In "Zoomicorn Toss", it is revealed that there is a game in Zahramay Falls called Zoomicorn Toss in which players try to throw rings around a Zoomicorn's horn while it flies around. The Zoomicorn in this episode does not seem to mind, though it does get scared when Zeta accidentally falls onto its back while trying to place her ring around its horn during the game, though she is saved by Shine who manages to calm the frightened Zoomicorn, though Zeta uses the opportunity to place her ring around the Zoomicorn's horn to win, but finds that Shine getting all the attention for saving Zeta and the Zoomicorn. In "Feel Better", when Kaz is effected by the Sneezy Bug dust, the out of control magic produced by his sneeze turns Zac into a Zoomicorn, though Zac is thrilled by the transformation and even wants to change back into one after he and Kaz who had been transformed into a chicken are cured. At the end of "Dragon Tales", Zeta mistakes a Zoomicorns shadow as being the shadow of one of large dragons from Manetikar she and Nazboo had mentioned in their stories of how Zeta and Nazboo first met.
  • Rainbow - A tiger found in the Temple of the Rainbow Tiger by Shine and Nahal who appears in "Bungle in the Jungle". Unlike Nahal, Rainbow is fully grown and has a somewhat intimidating appearance due to her size, though is just as friendly and playful as Nahal. Rainbow apparently lives within the Temple itself as Rainbow is knowledgeable about the traps and layout of the temple itself. Shine befriends Rainbow after helping remove a splinter from her paw and Rainbow helps Shine and Nahal escape the room they were trapped in by Zeta. Shine gives her the name Rainbow which she likes and is introduced to Leah and Shimmer after they all manage to escape the rooms they were trapped in. Rainbow helps show them the way out and playfully attacks the hanging cage that Zeta and Nazboo accidentally got trapped in, scaring Zeta, though Shine reveals she meant no harm and asks Rainbow to help free them, though Zeta is still terrified by Rainbow despite the tiger's friendly nature.
  • Scallywag - A floating unknown animal that belongs to Zora who appeared in "The Pirate Genie". She helps remember everything for Zora and when Sallcywag gets frightened her magic goes out of hand making things around her float and making monsters appear.
  • Gazi - A shape-changing sea critter, who appeared in "Trick or Treasure". He loves treasure and greedily tries to steal the treasure found by Nila, Leah, and her genies. However after working with the girls to deal with a hungry Zahramay Shark, the girls manage to teach Gazi it is better to share with others and befriends them.
  • Grunts - Small sentient gopher-like creates that live under ground in Zahramay Falls and appear in "Underground Bound". With the exception of Cog, they all love to dig, are upbeat, and friendly.
  • Cog - A Grunt who lives underground with the other Grunts in Zahramay Falls who acts as an antagonist in "Underground Bound". Unlike his fellow Grunts he is somewhat grumpy individual who dislikes digging and prefers to invent things such as a drilling machine to make digging easy, though his inventions don't seem to work. He ends up finding Leah's Genie Bottle necklace after it fell off while Leah was swinging. While trying to get his machine to work, he accidentally makes a wish which Shine grants causing his machine to start working though goes out of control leading him to the surface. Leah and her genies discover her necklace is missing after the wish is granted and encounter Cog who refuses to give the necklace back once he learns it is magic. He accidentally wishes to get away and Shimmer creates a wall against her will due to the necklace being in Cog's possession. Cog shows the necklace to his fellow Grunts and he tries to wish for no more digging but does not say "I wish" causing his wish to fail. He tries to figure out how to make it work, before accidentally saying he wished he knew how it worked in frustration causing his third wish to be granted causing a Grunt to magically tell him how to make a wish correctly. Cog tries to wish to be the ruler of the Grunts but as he had used up that day's third wish, it fails. Leah and her Genies inform him that the wearer of the necklace only gets three wishes causing him to throw the necklace away believing that he had used up all its wishes, allowing Leah to retrieve it only to inform Cog it only grants three wishes per day, causing Cog to want it back, but they tell him that it doesn't belong to him. Leah and her genies decide to join the Grunts in digging, convincing a reluctant Cog to join in, only to find himself starting to enjoy it.
  • Dragon - A Dragon that appears in "Lights! Camera! Genies!" when Leah's wish to play The Dragon Princess film causes a Dragon to appear do to her genies misinterpreting the wish. During the episode this dragon is shown to be effected by wish magic with little to no problem indicating that it is a different kind of Dragon than Nazboo.
  • Dragons of Manetikar - Large winged dragons native to Manetikar, the Land of Dragons that appear in "Dragon Tales". Zeta and Nazboo's stories each depict them differently. In Zeta's story, these Dragons where fearsome and mean Dragons that bullied the smaller flightless Nazboo and wanted to be Zeta pet when she trapped them with a spell, but Zeta selflessly chose Nazboo to protect him from them, despite such selflessness being out-of-character for someone like Zeta. Nazboo however refutes Zeta's depiction of the other Dragons. In Nazboo's story, the Dragons are shown to be kind and friendly much like Nazboo who easily gets along with them. One dragon even politely refuses Zeta's offer to make it her pet, however it flies off after Zeta tries to force it to become her pet using a potion to create a leash, causing Zeta to be carried off with it. Nazboo tells Zeta to let get and she falls into a tree when Nazboo fails to catch her. Zeta becomes saddened that she couldn't get one of the dragons to become her pet, causing Nazboo to agree to become her pet which Zeta reluctantly accepts at first as he is not large and powerful like the others, though eventually warms up to him as he is small, cute, loyal, and obedient. Zeta's story is later revealed to be an embellished fabrication, while Nazboo's is more truthful. Her encounter with the larger dragons colored Zeta's opinion of them and is implied to have left her with slight fear of larger dragons, as she gets scared when she mistakes a Zoomicorn's shadow for a large dragon's shadow. It is unclear if it is dangerous to uses wish magic on them, though it is likely given both they and Nazboo originate from Manetikar.
  • Lili and Sai - Lili and Sai are young Ziffilon cubs and pets of the Waterfall Genie Imma who appear in "Rainbow Zahramay". They are playful, though their young age causes them to get into mischief. This is show when they take Imma's staff and use it to close the color gates that supply colors to the Rainbow Waterfalls, creating a purple mist that effects the magic of Zahramay Falls, causing magic carpets to stop flying and genies to lose their ability to fly and grant wishes. Princess Samira sends Leah and her genies to investigate, while Samira, Kaz, and Zac try to prevent panic and keep people away from the purple mist. Imma unaware of Lili and Sai being responsible is looking for her staff to reopen the purple gate to restore purple water to the rainbow falls when she meets Leah and her genies who join Imma in looking for her staff during which they are introduced Lili and Sai. Eventually Leah notices Lili and Sai with Imma's staff which the two Ziffilons use to close the blue gate as they think of it as a game, failing to realize the trouble they are causing. Leah, her genies, and Imma try to stop them but the Ziffilons' ability to fly and out of control magic produced by each different color mist complicates matters. Eventually Lili and Sai close all the gates which threatens to cause the source of the rainbow falls to burst. Imma tries to get Lili and Sai to bring her the staff, but in their panicked attempts to remove it from the gate lock cause it to break. However Leah and her genies come up with the idea to get Lili and Sai to help stop the impending disaster and they manage to restore the rainbow falls, restoring magic to Zahramay Falls, while allows Leah to make a wish to fix Imma's broken staff.
  • Miss Squirrel - A female squirrel who lives in the Rainbow Zahramay garden where the Lumos Tree grows and appears in "Flower Power". She loves sparkly things and as a result her home is full of gems and nuts she collects. When Minu drops the gem that causes the Lumos Tree to glow in the dark when the moonlight shines on it, Miss Squirrel finds it and takes it back to her home forcing Minu, Leah, and her genies to chase after her to get it back. They find Miss Squirrel is quite agile, though they manage to follow her. They try to get her to give back the gem, but she refuses. Leah and her genies realize she likes sparkly things and Leah uses her last wish to make Miss Squirrel's home sparkle even more than the gem and she thanks them by giving the gem back and gives them a ride back to the Lumos Tree just in time for the moon to shine on the gem. Shimmer thanks her and calls her Miss Squirrel as she leaves. She later joins Leah and her genies after they grow back to normal size thanks to Minu's ability to make things grow and watches the Lumos Tree glow in the dark after the moonlight hits its gem.
  • Bear – A bear with orange fur native to Zahramay Falls who appears in "Zac the Clueless Detective". It appears when Detective Zac uses a hotdog to lure out a burglar he believes is responsible for the disappearance of Leah and her genies. Attracted by the smell of the hotdog, Zac believes the bear to be the Hotdog Burglar, when in reality the bear is simply attracted by the smell of the hotdog. Fortunately for Zac and Kaz, the girls save them from the bear. Though the bear is saddened that they got away, he is happy when he finds they dropped the hotdog which it grabs to eat. Interestingly, despite it being stated in the "Wishy Washy Genie" that mustard does not exist in Zahramay Falls, the Bear is humorously shown to have a bottle of mustard, which it pulls out to add mustard to the hotdog. However this may have been simply for comical effect.
  • Bali – A bird that lives in Rainbow Zahramay who the girls meet in "Abracanope". Bali is a Nil, a type of bird that unintentionally causes various types of magic to stop working when it is nearby. Despite this Shine explains that they are friendly creatures that simply want to play and mean no harm. Bali causes the girls genie gem powered ship to stop working along with other genie magic such as wish magic and levitation, though they manage to get it working after they realize Bali is the cause and Shine identifies Bali as a Nil. Though it unintentionally causes trouble when it follows the girls to the Azar Bazaar, Bali later helps the girls stop Zeta when she uses a laughing potion to incapacitate the genies in order to steal the Azar Gem, as Bali causes the magic of Zeta's potion to stop working and stops the Azar Gem to stop levitating and fall on Zeta which causes her to get her own laughing potion on her.
  • Darpoppy – A rare mythical creature that lives in Rainbow Zahramay which is supposedly is a large multi-eyed creature and only evidence of its existence are its large footprints that appears in "Darpoppy". After hearing about it from Leah and her genies while exploring Rainbow Zahramay with Kaz and the girls, Zac wishes to be the first person to see one, causing him to transported into the jungle forcing Kaz and the girls to search for him as he trails the Darpoppy. Zac later encounters a group of Darpoppies which are revealed to actually be friendly rabbit-like creatures of varying sizes. Zac reveals that they tend to play together by standing on top of each other causing them to appear to be a larger multi-eyed creature and their large footprints along with the stomping sounds they make are revealed to be a just a side effect of them playing together in this fashion.
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