Tales from the Rails is a UK DVD featuring two nineteenth season episodes and six twentieth season episodes.



Help is on hand on the Island of Sodor!

When his good friend Hiro is derailed, Thomas rushes off to find him some spare parts. Alone in the woods, the old rails give way leaving Thomas stuck in the mud with no one to hear his peeps. Meanwhile, Henry is delighted to be given the Express to pull, "Rough & Tough" Diesel strikes up a fluffy friendship and new brake van Bradford arrives on Sodor, bringing with him a set of strict rules and regulations! Join the engines in 8 tales of friendship and adventure, featuring escaping sheep and some very Troublesome Trucks!


  1. Helping Hiro
  2. Henry Gets the Express
  3. Toby's New Friend
  4. Sidney Sings
  5. Diesel and the Ducklings
  6. Bradford the Brake Van
  7. Saving Time
  8. Very Important Sheep

Bonus Features

  • All You Need Are Friends - Sing-Along Music Video
  • Calling All Engines! - Duncan and Connor
  • The Earl's Quiz - Marion and the Pipe, Signals Crossed and The Smelly Kipper
  • Landmarks of Sodor - Ulfstead Castle
  • The Fat Controller's Tales - Stephen
  • Guess Who? puzzles


  • The clip from The Smelly Kipper used in The Earl's Quiz segment is from the US dub.
  • On the back cover, Thomas' roof is coloured blue instead of black.
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