Thomas and his friends return in Series 13 for more fun on the rails.

For the first time ever, all 20 episodes featuring the latest CGIanimation and talking engines are available on one DVD!

Join Thomas and the Really Useful crew for exciting adventures with mischievous bees, a runaway kite, a 'Bubble Show' and a case of mistaken identity.

Introducing new friends Charlie, Hiro, Victor and Kevin!


  1. Creaky Cranky
  2. The Lion of Sodor
  3. Tickled Pink
  4. Double Trouble
  5. Slippy Sodor
  6. The Early Bird
  7. Play Time
  8. Thomas and the Pigs
  9. Time For a Story
  10. Percy's Parcel
  11. Toby's New Whistle‎‎
  12. A Blooming Mess
  13. Thomas and the Runaway Kite
  14. Steamy Sodor
  15. Splish Splash Splosh
  16. The Biggest Present of All‎‎
  17. Snow Tracks
  18. Henry's Good Deeds
  19. Buzzy Bees‎‎
  20. Hiro Helps Out
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