The Complete Series 19 is an upcoming two-disc UK DVD set containing all twenty-six episodes from


the nineteenth season. A bonus disc of Start Your Engines! is included for the six episodes in the DVD. It was released for digital download in France under the name, Series 19 featuring fourteen episodes.


The excitement continues for Thomas & his friends in Complete Series 19. Thomas causes an accident by being silly, blaming an imaginary engine named Geoffrey, but then proves he is a good friend by helping Hiro. Elsewhere, Diesel is visited by some ghostly Christmas engines, Percy struggles to keep track of his woolly cargo and the engines work as a team to rescue a stranded whale. Things don't go to plan when a grumpy railway inspector comes to visit Thomas' branch line. Best friends Den & Dart are suddenly separated but with a little help from some new friends, they re back on track! Join Thomas & his friends for more fun-filled adventures!



Disc 1

  • TBA

Disc 2

  1. Two Wheels Good
  2. Reds vs. Blues
  3. Slow Stephen
  4. The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead
  5. Best Engine Ever
  6. Philip to the Rescue


  1. Who's Geoffrey?
  2. A Cranky Christmas
  3. Snow Place Like Home
  4. The Truth About Toby
  5. Lost Property
  6. Henry Spots Trouble
  7. Toad and the Whale
  8. Very Important Sheep
  9. The Beast of Sodor
  10. Salty All at Sea
  11. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 1
  12. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 2
  13. Den and Dart
  14. Helping Hiro
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