While playing I Spy on their boat in Rainbow Zahramay, the girls spot something shining on a nearby cloud and decide to investigate. They find a glittery palace where they meet the Glitter Genie Afina and her Zoomicorn friend Gleam. She shows them her Glitter Gem ring which allows its wearer to use Glitter Magic to create glittery objects and magic weather such as a Glitternado. However Zeta and Nazboo also find the palace while searching Rainbow Zahramay for things that could make Zeta more powerful. Zeta decides to steal the ring for its magic using a potion. Afina reveals that they must get the ring back from Zeta before her palace fades away. After Leah breaks Zeta's flying scooter with a wish, Zeta uses the ring's magic to escape with Nazboo and create her own glitter palace. She creates a Glitternado when Afina and the girls enter her palace after Nazboo lets them in. However Afina whistles to call her friend Gleam who uses its wings to counter the Glitternado and dispel it, causing Zeta to lose the ring. However Afina shows she bares no hard feelings towards Zeta by using her ring to help Zeta and Nazboo return home.

  • Genie Gem: Afina's Glitter Gem which she wears on a ring. Has the power of Glitter allowing it to perform glitter based magic. Anything created by the person wielding it will fade away if the ring is not in the user's possession. Briefly stolen by Zeta, though later retrieved by Afina and the girls with help from Gleam. All the things created by Zeta using the ring faded away after Afina reclaimed the ring.
  • Note: This episode introduces the Glitter Genie Afina and the Rainbow Zoomicorn Gleam.
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