The Last Council is the fourth installment in the Amulet series and was published by Scholastic on

Amulet 4

September 1, 2011.

Emily and her family are taken aboard the ship of Max Griffin, and taken to Cielis to meet the Guardian Council.


The story begins with Emily in the airship taking them to Cielis. She is having another dream with the stone. The stone tells her that she should be careful once they enter Cielis, it can no longer speak to her and as Emily asks why, the stone tells her that the Council put an sacred magic spell. The stone tells her about what lies ahead, but doesn't tell her what is going to be there. When Emily asked what was going to be there, she was woken up by Max Griffin. The group then takes dropships towards Cielis. On the way down, Karen Hayes is scared, and Trellis and Lugerare separated in their ship and arrive at Yarboro Prison.

Main Events

  • The group enter the city of Cielis
  • Prince Trellis and Luger are sent to Yarboro Prison for being Elves
  • The group discovers that the city is run by illusions
    • They also discover later that these illusions are created by Max
  • Emily begins her "training" and meets Ronin and Pierce
  • Miskit and Cogsley meet Vigo Light , and travels with him to Cielis
  • Leon,Enzo and Rico  meet Alyson and her family, and help her family escape from prison
  • Trellis and Luger are broken out of prison by Leon
  • Emily discovers that Ronin and Pierce are illusions
  • Max is revealed to be on the elves side and steals the Mother Stone.
  • Emily lets Max escape with the Mother Stone in exchange for the safety of Navin and her mom
  • Dagno and Vigo Light join the group, while Miskit and Cogsley rejoin the group after being seperated



Emily Hayes

Max Griffin

Prince Trellis

Leon Redbeard

Vigo (debut)




Navin Hayes

Alyson Hunter (debut)

Tristan Hunter

Ronin (debut, illusion, flashback)

Pierce (debut, illusion)



Cole Duncan (illusion)

The Voice

Zaren (debut, illusion)

Chuck (debut, illusion)

Mrs. Hunter (debut)

Yarboro Prison Guard (debut, illusion)

Cielis Guards (multiple, illusion)

Cecil (debut)

Mr. Peters


Shop Owner

Dagno (debut)

Daniel Light (mentioned)

Miriam Light  (mentioned)

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