I say old boy wouldn't it be better if we work together?"
"Jolly good idea, old sport!
―The Sea Serpents, New Crane on the Dock, twenty first season

The Sea Serpents were a two-headed mythical creature mentioned in a story told by Salty.



The red Sea Serpent's head liked to eat ships, whereas the blue Sea Serpent's head likes to eat fish. Subsequently, the Sea Serpents landed into trouble and realized that they needed to communicate. By working together, the Sea Serpents never felt sort of eating their favourite food fish and ships.

Salty told the story of the Sea Serpents to Cranky and Carly, when their hooks become entangled and found themselves unable to move as a result of frantically try to outdo one another.


Television Series

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The Red Sea Serpent:

The Blue Sea Serpent:


  • According to Salty, the Sea Serpent's name was either Mildred or Monstro. Both of these names have meaning:
    • Mildred is an in-joke to Carly's original name before it was changed for sounding too old by Lee Pressman.
    • Monstro is the name of the villainous whale from the 1940 Walt Disney film Pinocchio.
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