The Stonekeeper's Curse is the second installment in the Amulet series. The book was published by Scholastic on September 1, 2009



After Karen is poisoned by the Arachnopod, Emily and Navin take her to the nearest city to find a cure, but they are being hunted by the Elves. Luckily, they meet a humanoid fox named Leon Redbeard who helps them and teaches Emily some basic lessons of how to wield the amulet's power.

Main Characters:

  • Emily Hayes
  • Navin Hayes
  • Leon Redbeard (debut)

Supporting Characters: 

  • Elf King
  • Luger
  • Mrs. Wade
  • Alex Wade
  • Cogsley
  • Doctor Weston
  • Balan
  • The Resistance
  • Father Alder
  • Gadoba Trees
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