The Thunderman Family is the central family in the television series, The Thundermans. It is a family of superheroes from Metroburg living a normal suburban life in Hiddenville.


  • Hank Thunderman - father
  • Barb Thunderman - mother
  • Phoebe Thunderman - oldest daughter and child overall, Max's twin
  • Max Thunderman - oldest son, Phoebe's twin
  • Billy Thunderman - youngest son
  • Nora Thunderman - middle daughter
  • Chloe Thunderman - youngest child

Relatives of The Thundermans 

  • Cousin Blobbin
  • Aunt Mandy - Barb's sister
  • Late Uncle Wilfred - Barb's uncle


  • Dr. Colosso - supervillan-turned pet bunny


  • They are a family of superheros and have superpowers.
  • They work for the Hero League.
  • Cherry was the first human to know their secret.
  • They are all very competitive and always do everything they can to win (except Billy).
  • They are all scared of Nora
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