Thomas and James are racing, racing to the Wharf
Everyone likes to be the first, not second, third or fourth!
Pistons pumping wildly, boilers fit to burst,
There's something really special for the engine who comes first.
Steaming through the countryside, imagine their elation
Speeding past the platforms, they're not stopping at the station.
Racing under bridges and then rattling round the bends.
A very special prize awaits the winner when it ends.
Children on the bridges, waving as they both rush by.
Go so fast, if trains had wings, you'd think they'd start to fly!
Wheeshing and then whooshing, oh, but what's that up ahead?
It can't be true . . . they'll have to stop . . . the signal's turned to red!
Come on, come on, I'll win this race . . .
I'll take a rest, then set the pace . . .
He's out of puff, he's out of steam . . .
Hurray, hurray! The signal's green!
(chorus x2)
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